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The North Pacific WA Development Program

[background-block=#265780][hr][center][floatleft][img][/img][/floatleft][size=200][color=#dfecff]WA Development Program[/color][/size][/center][hr][center][b][size=125] [/size][url=/page=dispatch/id=338370][color=#dfecff]Overview[/color][/url] [size=125][color=#dfecff] · [/color][/size] [url=/page=dispatch/id=338371][color=#94c248]Join the World Assembly[/color][/url] [size=125][color=#dfecff] · [/color][/size] [url=/page=dispatch/id=801659][color=#94c248]Become a Keeper[/color][/url] [size=125][color=#dfecff] · [/color][/size] [url=/page=dispatch/id=338372][color=#94c248]Exchange endorsements[/color][/url] [size=125][color=#dfecff] · [/color][/size] [url=/page=dispatch/id=1079028][color=#94c248]Vote on resolutions[/color][/url] [size=125][color=#dfecff] · [/color][/size] [url=/page=dispatch/id=338373][color=#94c248]Statistics[/color][/url] [size=125][color=#dfecff] · [/color][/size] [url=/page=dispatch/id=338374][color=#94c248]Benefits[/color][/url] [size=125][color=#dfecff] · [/color][/size] [url=/page=dispatch/id=1202626][color=#94c248]Card lottery[/color][/url] [size=125][color=#dfecff] · [/color][/size] [url=/page=dispatch/id=485372][color=#94c248]Security Council[/color][/url][size=125] [/size][/b][/center][hr][/background-block]
[box][floatright][sidebar][i]If you found the WADP helpful, [/i][b][color=#265780]please upvote this dispatch[/color][/b][i] to help others find it![/i][/sidebar][/floatright][size=150][color=#265780]TL;DR: Empower your nation and make our region safer![/color][/size]
[b][color=#265780]~[/color][/b] If you are not already a member, [b][url=/page=dispatch/id=338371]join the World Assembly[/url][/b].
[b][color=#265780]~[/color][/b] If (or once) you are a World Assembly member, [b][url=/page=dispatch/id=801659]become a Keeper of the North[/url][/b].
[b][color=#265780]~[/color][/b] After you have become a Keeper, [b][url=/page=dispatch/id=338372]continue exchanging endorsements[/url][/b].
[b][color=#265780]~[/color][/b] While you are a World Assembly member, [b][url=/page=dispatch/id=1079028]vote on World Assembly resolutions[/url][/b].[/box]

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[tab=15][size=125][color=#dfecff] · [/color][/size] [url=/page=dispatch/id=338935][color=94c248]Why [i]you[/i] should be in TNP[/color][/url][/tab]
[tab=15][size=125][color=#dfecff] · [/color][/size] [url=/page=dispatch/id=485373][color=94c248]Ways to get involved[/color][/url][/tab]
[tab=15][size=125][color=#dfecff] · [/color][/size] [color=dfecff]WA Development Program[/color][/tab]
[tab=15][size=125][color=#dfecff] · [/color][/size] [url=/page=dispatch/id=850652][color=94c248]RolePlay[/color][/url][/tab]
[tab=15][size=125][color=#dfecff] · [/color][/size] [url=/page=dispatch/id=1284592][color=94c248]Trading cards[/color][/url][/tab][/b][hr][/background-block][/box][/floatright]

[size=150][color=#265780]What is this?[/color][/size]

[i]The North Pacific WA Development Program[/i] (WADP) is a campaign to increase awareness among nations in [region]The North Pacific[/region] of the benefits of [url=/page=un]World Assembly[/url] (WA) membership, maintaining high endorsement counts, and voting on WA resolutions. We hope that this campaign will result in a significant increase in the number of WA members, the number of endorsements exchanged, and the number of WA votes cast within The North Pacific. If these objectives are achieved, The North Pacific will become a much more influential and secure region.

[size=150][color=#265780]Who is running this campaign?[/color][/size]

This campaign is organized and coordinated jointly by the [url=/nation=Prydania][b]Delegate[/b][/url] and the [url=/page=dispatch/id=485372][b]Security Council[/b][/url] of The North Pacific. The regional security aspects are managed by the Security Council of the North Pacific and the voting aspects are managed by the World Assembly Delegate.

[size=150][color=#265780]I am interested in helping. What can I do?[/color][/size]

First of all, you should make sure to do what is mentioned in the TL;DR box above: first [b][url=/page=dispatch/id=338371]join the World Assembly[/url][/b] if you are not already a member, continue to [b][url=/page=dispatch/id=801659]become a Keeper of the North[/url][/b], then [b][url=/page=dispatch/id=338372]continue exchanging endorsements[/url][/b], and finally [b][url=/page=dispatch/id=1079028]make sure to vote on World Assembly resolutions[/url][/b].

If you want to go above and beyond, you can help promote this campaign in the following ways:
[box][b][color=#265780]~[/color][/b] Approve ("upvote") this dispatch.
[b][color=#265780]~[/color][/b] Send telegrams to nations in [region]The North Pacific[/region] pointing them to this dispatch, or directly encouraging them to  [b][url=/page=dispatch/id=338371]join the World Assembly[/url][/b], [b][url=/page=dispatch/id=801659]become Keepers[/url][/b], and [b][url=/page=dispatch/id=338372]exchange endorsements[/url][/b].
[b][color=#265780]~[/color][/b] Advertise the campaign in materials you publish by using the campaign logo (shown below with code) and linking to this dispatch.[center][spoiler=[img][/img]][pre][url=/page=dispatch/id=338370][img][/img][/url][/pre][/spoiler][/center][/box]

[floatright][box][spoiler=[color=265780][size=150]Today's featured WA nations[/size][/color]][nation]draotaan[/nation], [nation]german_councils[/nation], [nation]munchkins[/nation], [nation]pinguioris[/nation], [nation]saphrosynia[/nation], [/spoiler][/box][/floatright]

[size=150][color=#265780]How can I keep track of how well we are doing?[/color][/size]

Take a look at the [url=/page=dispatch/id=338373][b]reports[/url][/b] tab above, which includes many statistics informative of the progress of the campaign.

[size=150][color=#265780]What do I gain from all this?[/color][/size]

First, as mentioned above, by participating in this campaign, you help make our region safer and more influential. This is good for all nations in [region]The North Pacific[/region], including you!

Second, if you do decide to [b][url=/page=dispatch/id=338371]join the World Assembly member[/url][/b], [b][url=/page=dispatch/id=801659]become a Keeper of the North[/url][/b], [b][url=/page=dispatch/id=338372]actively exchange endorsements[/url][/b], and [b][url=/page=dispatch/id=1079028]consistently vote on World Assembly resolutions[/url][/b], your nation and your game experience overall will improve in several important ways, described in detail in the three previous links.

Third, if you show that you are actively exchanging endorsements, [b][url=/page=dispatch/id=338372]we will promote your nation[/url][/b] so that you can gain endorsements even faster!

Fourth, we will be handing out a generous amount of participation awards and achievements. That's right, there will be a lot of bling you can use to show off. We will also be maintaining special regional censuses, to highlight the most active and consistent endorsers in the region. You can find out more by looking at the [b][url=/page=dispatch/id=338374]benefits[/url][/b] tab above.

Last but not least, every day we give away free legendary cards through the [b][url=/page=dispatch/id=1202626]card lottery[/url][/b]. By participating in this campaign, you can expand your collection to include some of the most valuable cards in the game.

[size=150][color=#265780]I have some thoughts on improving the WADP, whom do I contact?[/color][/size]

Thanks! We greatly appreciate all constructive feedback. Please use the following [url=][b]survey page[/b][/url] to submit any comments you may have and, if you have the time, also answer some questions about the WADP. We will be periodically updating the survey page as necessary.

[i]This dispatch is updated automatically on a daily basis. Please do not edit manually.[/i]
[b][color=#dfecff]Jointly sponsored by the[/color] [url=/nation=Prydania][color=#94c248]Delegate[/color][/url] [color=#dfecff]and[/color] [url=/page=dispatch/id=485372][color=#94c248]Security Council[/color][/url] [color=#dfecff]of The North Pacific.[/color][/b][/center][hr][/background-block]