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Why and how to join the World Assembly

WA Development Program

TL;DR: Join the World Assembly and improve your game!
~ Go to your nation's settings, and make sure you have provided a valid email.
~ Go to the World Assembly page and click on "Apply to Join" at the top.
~ Check the email address you provided for a confirmation email from NationStates, and click the link included in the email. If you don't see the email, make sure to check any spam folders.

You have been in NationStates (NS) for a while now. You have answered issues, written telegrams, posted on the Regional Message Board. You may be wondering what else there is to do. Have you considered joining the World Assembly (WA)? If not, you definitely should.

Joining the WA is one of the best ways to improve your game experience and increase your nation's power. This is more true in The North Pacific (TNP) than in anywhere else - it is no coincidence we have way more WA nations than any other region. We hope that the material below will convince you to become a member.

If you are already a WA nation in TNP, you should take a look here, here, and here to find out about exciting ways to use your WA membership.

What does joining the World Assembly enable me to do?

Below are some of the things you can do as a WA nation.

~ Vote in the World Assembly!

As a WA nation, you will be able to cast a vote on all WA resolutions that reach the floor of either the General Assembly or the Security Council, and help decide whether they will become NationStates law.

~ Endorse and be endorsed by others!

As a WA nation, you can endorse other WA nations that are in the same region as you are. For example, in TNP, you can endorse our Delegate El Fiji Grande and Vice Delegate Sil Dorsett, and almost surely they will also endorse you back.

~ Submit your own resolution proposals!

As a WA nation, once you get two endorsements (for example, those of El Fiji Grande and Sil Dorsett), you can submit your own resolution proposals for consideration by all of NationStates.

Cool, but is that all? You promised me power!

In most other regions, that would be all. But not in TNP. TNP has many unique characteristics that make it the best region for your WA nation to be in. Here is why.

~ You can directly determine the outcome of WA votes!

By being a WA nation in TNP, in addition to casting your individual vote on WA resolutions, you can also vote on the Linkforum polls our WA Ministry holds for each resolution. These polls determine how our Delegate El Fiji Grande uses the regional vote. This is by far the largest vote in all of NationStates, and one of the main deciding factors for the fate of proposals at vote. And by participating in our forum votes, you get to directly influence it yourself - think of it like having 1000+ WA votes! Moreover, our forum votes feature analysis of the resolutions by some of the world's foremost WA experts, as well as discussion among all - including, of course, you. Therefore, you can be certain that you will always have the best information possible at your disposal while deciding how to use all your voting power.

~ You can have one of the largest endorsement counts in the game!

As we mentioned above, TNP has by far the most WA nations in the world - and more WA nations mean more endorsements. But there is more. TNP is unique among large regions in that it places almost no restrictions on the number of endorsements you may have - to the contrary, we encourage you to have many endorsements! Put together, these mean that you can easily get yourself one of the largest endorsement counts in the game, more than most WA delegates, top those prestigious World Census rankings, and win trophies for your nation. You can check for yourself: 45 of the top-50 nations for most WA endorsements in the world are from TNP.

~ You can become one of the most recognizable and inflential nations in TNP!

Exchanging endorsements is an excellent way to socialize: As you endorse others, they will likely endorse you back and get to know your nation. You can endorse others as a first step towards becoming a prominent member of TNP's vibrant WA community. Moreover, as your nation's endorsements increase, so does its regional influence. All in all, by endorsing everyone, you can quickly become one of the best-known nations in the region, a true TNP influencer.

~ You can win regional titles and awards exclusive to WA nations!

Each month, we give out awards exclusive to WA nations. You win an award by joining the WA, and you can win more by actively exchanging endorsements. WA nations are also ranked daily in a few regional censuses, giving you the opportunity to compete for top regional spots. Finally, as a WA member, you can becoming a Keeper of the North, which brings your nation increased recognition and prestige, and is the first step towards becoming a member of the Security Council.

I am already a WA member with another nation. The more the merrier?

No, hold on! NationStates rules allow you to only have one nation in the World Assembly. As tempting as it is to have more, it is a really bad idea. On top of being dishonest and unfair towards other players, you run the risk of NationStates moderators finding out and deleting your nations, or even permanently banning you from the World Assembly and the game itself. And no matter how well you may try to hide it, the mods will find out eventually. If your WA nation is already in TNP, then you are pretty much done with this dispatch - but you should take a look at this one, this other one, and this third one.

But what if my WA nation is not in The North Pacific?

You should consider moving that nation in TNP - we welcome all nations! Hopefully all the above have already convinced you that TNP is the best region for WA nations to be in. And if you need more reasons to move here, TNP is a great region all around - definitely the place to be in NationStates.

I gain a lot, but what does The North Pacific gain by having my WA nation?

More WA nations in the region means more endorsements for our WA Delegate El Fiji Grande. This in turn means a stronger regional vote in the World Assembly, and therefore increased influence for TNP internationally - you can read more about this here.. Furthermore, having more WA nations makes our community more secure and stable - you can read more about this here. As you can see, by being a WA nation in TNP, you directly make our region stronger and safer. Thanks!

Are there other ways to take advantage of my WA membership?

WA membership also enables you to take part in military gameplay. Yes, NS does in fact have regional militaries and wars, though maybe not in the way you would expect. You can learn all about this exciting aspect of the game by joining our own regional military, the North Pacific Army (NPA). The NPA is one of the strongest and most active militaries in the game, with a tradition of more than a decade in protecting TNP, our allies, and our interests abroad. You can become part of this tradition, and start a military career full of exciting operations, medals and ribbons, and promotions all the way up to General. Keep in mind, however, that by being a member of the NPA you will be required to frequently switch your WA membership to other nations you own, which most likely will be outside of TNP.

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Jointly sponsored by the Delegate and Security Council of The North Pacific.