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Pro-Life International FAQ


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What is Pro-Life International?

Pro-Life International, or PLI, is a multiregional and multinational organization that seeks to promote the pro-life cause on NationStates. The alliance was established in 2013 shortly after the first World Conference for Life by four regions: the Coalition of Catholic States, the International Christian Union, the League of Christian Nations, and Right to Life.

How is Pro-Life International organized?

PLI is divided into two leagues: the Diplomatic League and the Military League. Regions that are all or mostly pro-life can join the Diplomatic League, and individual nations that are pro-life can join the Military League. If you are interested in diplomatic membership, encourage your regional leadership to contact the Assembly of the Diplomatic League. If you want military membership, join the PLI forums and complete an application.

What is the purpose of the Diplomatic League?

The purpose of the Diplomatic League is threefold. First, it seeks to advance the pro-life cause on NationStates through diplomatic (or non-military) means. This includes helping prospective World Assembly authors who are pro-life, hosting international events (including pro-life conferences), and facilitating dialogue on pro-life issues elsewhere in the world of NationStates. Second, the Diplomatic League tries to foster unity and stability among pro-life regions through cultural exchange and through arbitration when disputes arise. Third, it provides advice and assistance on regional development for pro-life communities.

What is the purpose of the Military League?

The purpose of the Military League is threefold. First, it provides a source of defense for pro-life regions whose militaries might be small or non-existent. Second, it provides military training and experience to pro-life nations that do not, for whatever reason, have the opportunity to take part in military gameplay in their home regions. Third, it seeks to advance the pro-life cause on NationStates through military gameplay. This might include raids on warzones, participation in missions with allies, and other military actions.

Does the Diplomatic League control the Military League or vice versa?

No, while the two leagues of PLI share the same culture, the same offsite forums, and the common goal of advancing the pro-life movement on NationStates, they operate separately. Players may participate in one or both leagues simultaneously, but the Diplomatic League does not control the Military League nor does the Military League control the Diplomatic League.

Is Pro-Life International part of Right to Life?

No, Right to Life is one of the founding members, but PLI is an independent organization. The Right to Life government does not have jurisdiction over PLI. Due to its size, stability, and administrative experience, the region does host the offsite forums of PLI in much the same way that the United States hosts the United Nations (UN) or that Belgium hosts the European Union (EU).

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