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Military Structures

These are the Structures capable of being created by the Loyalist ACM and Acolyte Engineering Mech

Hephaestus Land Unit Factory

Capable of Constructing all Land Units Except the Megalith, Acolyte Engineering Mechs and The Loyalist ACM, Usually Located in open pieces of land or captured cities in scattered groups of three.

Kymopel Naval Factory

Capable of Constructing All Naval Units, usually located along a Beachhead or in Open Water in large groups.

Aeolus Air Factory

Capable of Creating All Air Units except Fighter/Bombers, Usually Located in Captured cities or in Mountains.

Conjurer Warp Gate

Built to bring forth hordes of forces. Can only be built by an ACM and requires tons upon tons of resources and requires a constant supply of energy from 4 Power generators to continue running. is 4 times the size of a Factory and has concealed Anti-Land and Anti-Air weaponry.

All Factories are about the Size of a small warehouse.

Power Generator

One of these Massive Power Generators is capable of powering up to 15 Factories at a time but if destroyed it detonates an explosion that is about one Kilometre wide. Power Generators are twice as large as a Factory.

Metal Extractor/Converter

Designed for Extracting ores during Combat so it does not collect resources at an Industrial rate. The Extractor has the ability to convert the Ores into their necessary Materials and has its own power supply. Extractors are 60 metres tall.

Cerberus Kinetic Beam Turret

Used for defended structures such as Power generators, Metal Extractors, Factories and Warp Gates. The Cerberus is 30 Metres tall.

Burst Kinetic Pulse Flak Turret

A heavier variant of the AA Flak turrets found on the Imperiums naval vessels, can be found along side the Cerberus Turret and is used to take down Air Targets with extreme accuracy. 30 Metres tall

Protector Shield Generator

Deploying a massive shield array takes up considerable resources and requires its own built in power supply, these shield generators are always deployed beside a factory, power Generator or an Extractor and deploys a shield dome that is automatically 2x the size of its assigned building.

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