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The Tattered History of The Unity [Personal Canon]

The Eternal Imperiums History


24 B.C - The God Emperor Discovers an Iconian Frigate which contains the technology used in the Imperium to date.

20 B.C - The God Emperor Founds The Cult of Humanity and gathers wealth and followers.

18 B.C - The Imperium is unoffically founded within the cult.

9 B.C - The cult flees Rome after being accused of plotting the assassination of the Roman Emperor.

12 A.D - The cult lives underneath what would become Edinburgh in an underground cavern system.



560 A.D - The Imperium is now Officially founded.

1524 A.D - The Imperium begins abducting locals and use them for slave labour. The Original seeding ship begins construction.

1671 A.D - The Original Seeding Ship finishes construction and is launched.

1671.5 A.D - The Search for a new planet begins and is known as "The Golden age" within the Imperium.

1684 A.D - The Original seeding ship is attacked by unknown forces that are later confirmed to be Sansha's Nation. The First Great war Begins.



1859 A.D - The First Great War ends, Sansha's Nation technology is integrated into the Imperiums military. Sansha's Nation worlds are annexed but none are capable of being used as a homeworld.

1860 A.D - New Terra is colonized and Terraformed. Cloning of surviving slaves begins.

1864 A.D - The Imperium begins mass construction of Military vessels and launches "The Great Crusade" to Claim worlds and Enslave entire races.

1900 A.D - The Imperium encounters Drengin Empire and Declare holy war against them. The Arcean Empire ally themselves with the Imperium and the Yor Collective declare war against both the Imperium and Drengin Empire.

1939 A.D - The War against the Drengin Empire ends, the Drengin, Korath and Torians become Slave races. The war against the Yor Collective Continues and the Arcean Empire merges with the Imperium peacefully.

1965 - The Yor Collective falls after the Imperium launches a Loyalty program against them. Holy Terra (Earth) is now officially declared "Lost."

2040 A.D - The Imperium falls into Civil War. This is known as "The Great Heresy."

2080 A.D - The Civil War ends with the formation of Reborn humans.

2136 A.D - Slaanesh contacts the God Emperor and Slaanesh is Declared a Goddess of Kyokism.

2187 A.D - The Gate of Eden is created. The Imperium enters a new Golden Age of conquest.

2216 A.D - The Imperium now spans the entire Scutum-Crux Arm.

2346 A.D - The Imperium changes to The Unity and adopts Collectivism. All Years after are now dubbed Post-Transference

2443 P.T - The Unity transforms New Terra into a Shield world with technology given by Taigawa


-: Collective Memory Input Active : Historical Data Now Intact :-

2474 P.T - Kinetic Energy Tech reaches it's peak, The Unity begins searching for an alternative weapon type.

2478 P.T - Missile Tech is deemed worthy of refinement, Anti-Matter Payloads created during the end of the year.

2485 P.T - Vibranium Discovered in Gate of Eden, Research made into making a Payload for Missiles.

2496 P.T - Anti-Matter Payloads deemed to dangerous for conventional use, transferred to WMD research. [WMD WEAPONS ARE CLASSIFIED]

2516 P.T - The Unity creates a One-Time use Time-Travel machine. One Unity drone is sent through and the Machine is classified as 'Destroyed.' Unity Hivemind states the experiment was "For the sake of entertainment, or as people in the 21st century used to say 'For the Lolz.'"

2525 P.T - The Unity begins creating another Dyson-Sphere or 'Shield World' in a classified location.

2589 P.T - Dyson Sphere construction ongoing, The Unity goes into isolation.

2601 P.T - Neutron Missile/Torpedo development begins after a warhead is successfully developed.

2608 P.T - Life has been discovered in the Gate of Eden, the Unity begins to investigate how this is possible when the Gate was designed to have zero life within it.

2616 P.T - The entire Milky-Way Galaxy is conquered and Colonized. The Unity begins upgrading infrastructure on all worlds and shifts focus on Inter-Dimensional travel.

2624 P.T - Terra/Earth is re-discovered. The entire Sol System is nothing but Asteroids but the Unity sends several large fleets to protect the site

2646 P.T - The Unity is investigating the cause for the Sol systems demise while the second Dyson sphere has finished construction in Dark Space.

2647 P.T - The Unity assists Hibika in becoming a collective by sending military support to put down a rebellion. The Unity discards the old Kyokist flag and now holds the Galactic Butterfly of Ancient-Earth origin.

2656 P.T - The Unities policy of Isolation has created a feeling of distrust to outsiders, including allies.

2657 P.T - Sansha's Nation vessels are discontinued and are all rapidly deconstructed but the new 'Jem'Hadar' Ship-line is produced to replace the old Sansha ships just as quickly as they are replaced.

2660 P.T - With no threats currently opposing the Unity, the Unity decides to enter the 'Deep Sleep' which results in all bodies within the Unity, excluding the former Kyoki due to this bodies immortality, Cryo-Sleep. The set amount of time that the Sleep will take is unknown as the Sleep may very well be the 'end' of the Unity or the Unity shall awaken when a new threat arises.

2661-2860 P.T - The Unity continues the Deep Sleep with little incident from would-be scavengers. All scavengers are confirmed to be dead.

2943 P.T : The Unity continues the Deep Sleep

2984 P.T : The Unity ends the Deep Sleep and re-activates all territory. Probing of foreign dimensions begins for future colonization efforts.

3146 P.T : The Unity observes several universes of extreme differing technological 'trees.'

3172 P.T : The Unity adopts several new technology trees to develop effective counter-measures against certain defences and offensive technologies.

-: Current Year - 3242 P.T : Notable events - Species under Observation are being integrated into the Unity through lethal and non-lethal force. Chiss and Echani races are now among the Unities harmonic guidance. :-

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