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The Imperial Unities Q&A [IC and OOC]

The Imperial Unity of Ancient Humans Q&A

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Q : What do you find most entertaining on Nationstates?

A : I find the "The Nation above" or "The Nation below" threads entertaining because it lets you see other peoples opinions on either yourself or other people as well as it allowing you to state your own opinion.

Q : What influenced you to build your nation the way you did?

A : Well it was the Ancient Humans from Halo 4 that inspired my name and I kind of let my imagination go wild from their, I took some things from games or TV series and added it to my nation with either a new name or the same name.

Q : How do you see The Germanian States? (Take a guess on who asked.)

A : I see them as slightly childish but when they're in the correct mindset they can be just as brutal as anyone.

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