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Transference to Collectivism

This is an announcement to nations affiliated with the Eternal Imperium of Ancient Humans.

With the God Emperors command, the Eternal Imperium has undertaken a change of ideology. The Eternal Imperium is no more, we are The Unity of Ancient Humans.

All those who stand with us, may choose to join our perfect unity. Those who stand against us will join us in time. You shall know the voices of Unity, the brothers and sisters of those lost are reborn in our Unity. We mean no harm but if you choose to attack, we will return hostility. All former Loyalists and Acolytes are now integrated into the Collective, Slaves are undergoing integration now.

Only the former God Emperor shall retain some form of individuality in which he will serve as our Hivemind, retaining his role as "Leader."

Join the Unity, listen to the voices of our brothers and sisters.

Ancient humans