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RMB Rules

The RoC RMB Rules

1. No Smut. At all. Anyone seen posting smut is to be reported to me and/or whoever is the WA Delegate at the time. People convicted of posting smut will be supressed. Repeat offenders will get an Ejection+Ban.

2. No arguing over religion. This will result in an immediate Ejection+Ban.

3. The Champions of Chaos are moderators, listen to them or be ejected.

4. Racism and Sexism is not allowed. Punishment for rule 3 applies.

5. No personal Drama. Take your issues elsewhere or to the telegram. Two warnings and you're ejected. Come back and continue with the Drama and you're ejected+Banned.

6. Spamming will result in an ejection and a Ban.

7. No advertising your own offsite content without permission however sharing content from an artist or musician is permitted. Porn links are an immediate ban.

8. The Founder is always right, even if he is wrong.

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