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[Archived] The Auralian Knights [Archived]

The Auralian Knights

Seize control of the battlefield and fight for Auralia as you stand with your fellow Knights. Conquer other regions as you advance through 5 Knight's Leagues: (I) The League of the Falcon, (II) The League of the Lion, (III) The League of the Wolf, (IV) The League of the Centaur, and (V) The League of the Dragon.

Using strategically placed nations and the World Assembly, help Auralia seize and reinforce captured regions through the World Assembly Delegate position of foreign regions. Engage in training/practice raid drills, stealth raids, occupations, and more.

A region that was stealthily occupied for a week before being destroyed and refounded by The Auralian Knights.

A region captured and conquered in 3 seconds.

Keep an eye out for changing military orders on the region's page and follow them with your combat nation (see "Enlist" for more details) to help reinforce military occupations in foreign regions. If you get stuck, click the [?] icon next to the military orders for more details.

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