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The OPS Regions

The OPS Regions:

The Allies:

  • The Orleans Park Anti World Assembly(OPAWA)(sort of almost overrun by invaders(first time(DEN) really bad ones, second time(Auralia) not so bad ones who disliked the first ones))(aims to make joining the World Assembly not the only way to gain regional power in a region, along with making inter-regional organisations, inside and outside the World Assembly, more optional to join(founded by Illtopilosia, and maintained by The democratic empire of dirt and Anti hsbcgoogle))

  • The Dirt Alliance(DA)(overrun once by DEN for 93 minutes then the invaders were expelled and banned from the region)(aims to create a successful, nice, defender region, with an actively contributing founder and other leaders, lets nations express their political opinions as long as they are being nice to each other, and expand and publish OPS lore, all mostly organised and published by The democratic empire of dirt and Anti hsbcgoogle(though some more lore contributors would be great)(created by The democratic empire of dirt)

  • The Grand Empire of Royal Surrey(aims to promote the importance of LinkSurrey through politics and fun lore, made by The royal land of surrey(also known as: Illtopilosia))

  • The USS Fire Salamander(aims to be Napoleon xlii's starship that goes around the universe, putting up posters on Napoleon xlii and LinkThe Answer To Life The Universe And Everything: Link42, along with publishing the plot conveniences that Illtopilosia and Anti hsbcgoogle create)(created by Napoleon xlii(nation technically owned by Anti hsbcgoogle, but the name and original idea was invented by Illtopilosia, then Anti hsbcgoogle continued adding to the lore))

    Goldburgh City State was founded by Goldburgh(also known as Illtopilosia)

The Enemies(now deceased or overrun by invaders):

The democratic empire of dirt