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Link To All; Regional Government Bureau, Agencies, Agenda, and Rules of Procedure:

Bureau of Regional Affairs

Key Government Organizations:

Council of Regional Affairs:

Government system summary: The Confederacy operates on a meritocratic promotion system under the rule of the Founder CAS Revival who is also the Chairman.

But it is a government system where opportunities are provided and those that do well are given promotions. The current iteration of the system is new however, and so the Regional Government factbook is being continually edited, so it may be constantly subject to occasional edits and updates.

As well as for other reasons related to new positions and appointments. The government operates under a unique system of a government with a supreme head being the Chairman and the operational leader being the President. With "Secretaries' then in charge of specific function and appointing officers to help them with that.

The positions are not so out of reach to most, and anyone can apply to potentially be apart of the government, although acceptance is not guaranteed:

The Cabinet of Regional Affairs are the people in charge of the oversight and administration of regional functions. It's job includes the supervising, assistance, and advisement in matters of regional affairs. To regulate regional behavior and punish misbehavior, and to oversee the security of the region. As well as suggestions and policies to improve the region. Though role varies depending on function of each specific Cabinet member.

In terms of all regional authority, the Chairman's, Vice-Chairman's, and Presidents word is law. All members of the council in general be respected as well and their word similarly can be law, within the limits of the Chairman's discretion, or else risk warning, reprimand, kicking, or even banjection.

Cabinet of Regional Affairs: Current Members

Chairman: Neo Rome Republic
Vice-Chairman: Bering
President: Drucezchski
Secretary of State: Vacant
Secretary of Justice: Axle
Secretary of Education: Great Eilean
Secretary of RP Activities: Tarazed
Secretary of Home: Ismeil
Secretary of Social Affairs: Vacant

Cabinet duties:

Chairman: The Head of State and Supreme authority of the region. The Chairman is the public persona who officially embodies it in its unity and legitimacy. Chairing as the literal source of its Foundation, hence the Chairman and also the Founder of the region. All other government officials and region members are subject to the Chairman's ruling, appointments and the Chairman can represent the region in foreign affairs if they so choose.

Vice-Chairman: Second only to the Chairman. Having all the powers the Chairman holds, but more specifically exercising them in the Chairman's absence or discretion. The "Chairman's shadow" as it were.

President: Head of Government, represent the region in foreign affairs (as an extension of the Chairman), monitor and maintain Cabinet and government offices in the same as the Chairman (extension of the Chairman for day-to-day activities), run the region in absence of Chairman or Vice-Chairman.

Secretary of State: create embassies, represent our region in foreign affairs, help us gain allies of other regions.

Secretary of Education: educate new players on RP, GP, Discord, etc…

Home Secretary: answer general questions, provide guidance, represent the overall government in (internal) regional affairs

Secretary of Justice: maintain the office of Justice, approve or deny appeals to be sent to the Chairman, enforce order and rules in lieu of high-command, maintain disciplinary records

Secretary of Intelligence: gather intelligence pertaining to interregional affairs and identify
potential dangers and/or vital information

Secretary of RP Activities: maintain regional RP standards, review applications/appeals for regional RPs, possibly spearhead canon?

Secretary of GP Activities: maintain knowledge of GP mechanics, educate players specifically on GP, maintain GP-side of forums, recruitment?

Secretary of Social Affairs: ensure that all members of the region are included in social affairs regardless of location, language, time-zone, culture, etc

Government Offices: These are the offices that assist the Region, the Regional Heads and the Secretaries with their specific duties.
Department of Education: nation=greater_ergonia/detail=factbook/id=1372011
Chief Officer of Education
Officer of Education

Department of Home: nation=ismeil/detail=factbook/id=1375982
Chief Officer of Home
Officer of Home

Department of Justice: nation=axle/detail=factbook/id=1371980

Office of Recruitment/Outreach
Chief Officer of Recruitment/Outreach
Officer of Recruitment

Department of State
Chief Officer of the State
Officer of the State

Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship: page=dispatch/id=1371554
Chief officers (one for each major timezone/location)
Officers (various departments based on timezone/location)

Department of Intelligence
Chief Intelligence Officer
Intelligence Officers

Department of RP Activities:page=dispatch/id=1372345
Officers of RP Activities
Terra Frima

Office of Gameplay
Chief Gameplay Officer: Maljaratas
Officers of GP Activities

Read factbook

Misc Government Organizations: WIP

Important Regional Information

IF Regional Canon is up and running, here is the link to the Key canon thread(s) of it (if there is no link then Canon RP is currently in works or nonexistant):

List of Current Regional RP's:

Eternal Comrades of CAS:

In this list we honor those who have contributed greatly to this region and shall forever be immortalized as Honorary Members of CAS.
In honor of those who have made their personal mark in terms of great talents, contributions, personal relations, and loyal service to the Region.

The newton collation
Member from: 7/9/15-2/1/16
Remembered For: Being a Loyal Friend to CAS
Awesome Gif Master
Friendly and Quality Roleplayer

Gone But Never Forgotten. Forever an Honorary Member of CAS and Welcome Friend.

New gothica
Member From: 1/23/2015-4/3/16
Remembered for: Being a loyal Friend to CAS.
Mastery of Socialism and Gladiators
Quality RPer and Trainer.
Created first ancient warfare style RP of CAS
Service as 1st and Former Minister of Premodern and Fantasy RP's
Service as 1st and only Minister of Canon

Gone But Never Forgotten. Forever an Honorary Member of CAS and Welcome Friend.

Member From: Dec 08, 2014-February 18, 2017
Remembered for: Being the 1st and best Prime Minister of CAS
Being the 1st and best Minister of Interior
Being a friend to all nations in need
Being kind and considerate to all
Being helpful to all
Being a mediator and calming voice in the region
Being a great gameplay mechanics tracker
Serving the region selflessly and to best of their ability
Never complaining, never hating, never showing any anger, be patient and help to all
Being a trusted friend to all

Gone But Never Forgotten. Forever an Honorary Member of CAS and Welcome Friend.

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Regional Media

CAS Discord Room: If you wish to join a room where you can play on steam and/or possibly console while chilling with your fellow members, then come join us at discord. If you wish to join the regional discord chat, look for the link on the WFE or Beginners Guide. If you cannot locate it then telegram Neo Rome Republic/CAS Revival and he will contact and send you a link.