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Inter-Dimensional and Inter-Stellar Unity Broadcasts

Unity Broadcasts

The Unity discovers and observes a new species known as Echani. More information is located within the Codex.

With the discovery of 'near-human' species, the Unity hopes to integrate the Echani as soon as they reach for the stars for both the desire to ascend the Echani and also to study them. It is up to the Echani if contact will be peaceful or not.

Within Unity space several Scavengers affiliated with the entity known as Creepwood and have been captured, tortured and executed upon being discovered. The Unity has also begun using the Transcendent fleet to do mass sweeps of its territory to root out any possible illegal operations being conducted by other entities.

The Unity will also state that if the Creepwoodite government does not reveal and remove any legal or illegal operations being conducted within Unity territory then the Unity itself will revoke any aid and treaties being given to them.

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