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Unity Species Codex

Unity Species Codex

Integrated Species


Homo-Sapien, or Humans, are the primary species that makes up the Unity. At the year of 2346 A.D Humanity had created the Unity and quickly began converting the entire population, which at the time included a Sub-Species of Humanity known as Ghouls or Homo-Carnifex. Before creating the Unity, Homo-Sapien had operated under the banner of the government called the 'Eternal Imperium' which was known for being religiously extreme and it's openness of Slavery of it's own people and Xeno's.

Before the Unity, the Homo-Sapiens used a simple rank system for society which went from Slave to Acolyte and at the top was Loyalist. The only possible ranking higher than Loyalist would be Emperor/Empress which was occupied by the Eternal Imperiums leader, and patron God, the Immortal God Emperor Kyoki Von Vinkoseras. The leader of the Imperium was also the one responsible for creating the Unity.

The Unity views Homo-Sapiens as a superior race to most due to their distinct adaptability, within and without the Unity. Despite this, most Homo-Spaiens are upgraded with various cybernetics to make up for their lack of ability in certain areas although there are still some 'pure' Homo-Spaiens still within Unity space.


Homo-Carnifex or Ghouls are a carnivorous and Cannibalistic Sub-Species of Homo-Sapien that developed on one of the first colony worlds founded by early Humanity. Homo-Carnifex are known for being being perfect actors, allowing themselves to blend in to society with ease but are also known for being overly violent. What sets them apart from Homo-Sapiens except for their diet is their predatory organs that develop along their spine. The Organ itself is called the Kakuhou which can develop on four locations along the spine and will produce RC Cells (Main source of Homo-Carnifex nutrition and is theoretically developed by most or all organic sapient life ) which will harden and form a natural weapon called a Kagune.

There is a small population of Homo-Carnifex that reside within the entity known as Creepwood and are referred to as Hitoku due to another race known as Ghouls already residing there.


The Echani are a species similar in appearance to Homo-Sapiens but through studies it is shown that they have adapted and mutated into their own species, much like the Homo-Carnifex. The Echani were integrated into the Unity through lethal force in the year 3242 P.T at the same time as the race known as the Chiss.

Their Homeworld was named Eshan and has since been abandoned and rejuvenated by the Unity as the entire Echani population has been re-located to Unity territory.


The Chiss were an independent inter-stellar species that had been under observation by the Unity for several hundred decades until the Unity revealed itself in an effort to integrate them into the Unity peacefully. The Chiss saw reason with joining the Unity and were all subsequently relocated into Unity territory while their homeworld and colonies were abandoned and rejuvenated

The Chiss formerly resided within the Entity known as the Chiss Ascendancy and their homeworld was known as Csilla but has since been abandoned and rejuvenated by the Unity.

Contacted Species


Please see the Creepwoodite factbook for details on appearance.

Creepwoodite refers to all Homo-Sapien ethnicities that reside within the entity known as Creepwood. The various ethnicities are determined by their planet of origin and these ethnicities are as follows; Creepwoodite, Parsailles, Bovarian, Noxson, Froskovik, Zhao and finally Verttenbergers who are originally from the entity known as Lingria.


This piece will directly extracted from the Creepwoodite government.

A Ghoul was a human from the planet, Lushka. The People of Lushka were once human but that changed after the Nuclear Apocalypse happened after The Nuclear Megasystem detonated suddenly which caused the surviving population to go underground into the Planet's Metro System but with the exposure to extreme radiation it caused the survivors to gradually become ghouls yet they retain their rights from being citizens even though they have a visible mutation.
Ghouls are noticeable for being rotting, zombie-like looking mutants.


The Appearence varies between the different bodies of the Sentients.

This piece will directly extracted from the Creepwoodite government.

The Sentient are a race of sentient machines with their own individual AI which allows them to act and be human with free will. Each one has their own personality and beliefs making them all individuals. Under Legislation 4856K21, All Sentient are to be given rights shared by their human brethren.
Sentients are noticeable for basically looking like humanoid machines.

The Unity would like to note that the use of the name Sentient is only half-correct and the machine race should instead be referred to as Sapient due to their apparent relation with Homo-Sapiens.


The Asari are a Humanoid species with exceptionally close genetics to Homo-Sapiens with the only difference being that the Asari race is Mono-Gendered and has a genetic ability known only as 'Biotics' which allows an Asari to manipulate a 'Mass Effect' field due to something called 'Element Zero' residing within their bodies and being in contact with their nervous system. The Asari originate from the planet of Thessia with the entity known as Taigawa.

The Asari also have a strange ability to mate with any species they meet, with only extremely few exceptions.


The Vulcans belong to the entity known as The vulcan science academy. Vulcans are an intelligent but not overly advanced species and have a sister species known as Romulans who the Unity have yet to come into contact with.

Vulcans have some forms of telepathy, similar to the Asari race with the exception that they do not use it to reproduce but merely to either interrogate or even preserve a dead vulcans memories within another Vulcan or alien.

Observed Species

No Species are under observation

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