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The Transcendent Fleet

The Transcendent Fleet

To create some sense of understanding between individuals who are either classified as 'stable' or 'to be integrated', the Unity has designated it's space-bound navy as 'The Transcendent Fleet.' The Fleet is responsible for the defence of the Unity and it's offensive capabilities. Due to the sheer size of the Unity and it's lack of need to conscript or hire crew and economically maintain ships through conventional means, the Transcendent Fleet boasts a truly monstrous size capable of out-numbering and out-gunning many possible adversaries.

Each planet under the Unities control has a small (by the Unities scale) garrison fleet spread out equally across the planets orbit. Each garrison is comprised of one hundred Scarab-Class frigates, fifty Mantis-Class cruisers and twenty-five Colony-Class battle carriers. Strategically important worlds, such as the Shield world of Terra, have four times this amount and will usually come with one or two Dreadnoughts, depending on strategic value.

Unity Patrol fleets consist of twenty Scarab-Class frigates, ten Mantis-Class cruisers and five Colony battle carriers. To the Unity, these numbers are small enough to lay siege to an Outer-Rim type planet for up to three years by themselves or simply raid them.

Unity battle fleets and Invasion fleets consist of varying numbers but they are believed to number between five hundred to two thousand ships, possibly even more. It is theorized that the Unity has possibly hundreds of prepared invasion fleets hidden in pockets of deep space in their galaxy, ready to strike at any time.

Regardless of patrol or war fleets, the Unities fleet size is, at minimum, 6,800,000,000,000 Scarab-Class frigates, 3,400,000,000,000 Mantis-Class cruisers, 1,700,000,000,000 Colony battle carriers and 425,000,000,000 or less Dreadnoughts, totalling a collective fleet of 12,325,000,000,000 ships. Many would think this makes the Unity godlike or invincible but what many forget is that this monstrous fleet is spread out throughout Unity space, effectively weakening it's immediate strength due to travel time (granted that their is not a Wormhole generator, Dreadnought, Invasion fleet or additional garrisons nearby).

The Transcendent Fleet also has no command structure what so ever due to the collective nature of the Unity so destroying a 'flagship' within a fleet will only reduce its fire power.

The various groups within the Transcendent fleet are usually dubbed as 'splinters' or 'shards' depending on size or importance. This reflects on the sheer size of the Fleet itself. For instance, a Scouting party will be called a splinter while a patrol fleet or garrison will be called a shard.

Due the Unity being aware of other races being capable of new and different technologies, the Transcendent fleet uses different 'Profiles' for its ships. There are Missile-Based ships, Energy-Based and Projectile-Based ships which are all designed using their respective weapon techs. Projectile ships cover the general area of projectile weapons (Railguns, Mass Accelerators and even ballistics) while Energy ships cover all manner of energy weapons (plasma, energy projection, directed energy weapons etc) . Missiles obviously deal with self-propelled ammunition. Their is a fourth Profile which is the mainly used profile. The Adaptable Ship profile uses all manner of weapons but mainly the most effective such as the ancient Kinetic Energy weapons.

Scarab-Class Attack Ship

Main-line Corvette Variant, equipped with 3 kinetic pulse Banks. When to heavily damaged, these ships will commonly attempt suicide-bombing their intended target.

350 Meters

Mantis-Class Cruiser

Main-line Cruiser Variant. Equipped with 4 Heavy kinetic pulse Banks and 2 kinetic pulse Banks.

860 Meters

Colony-Class Battle Carrier

Capital ship Carrier variant. Equipped with 16 Heavy kinetic pulse Banks and 6 Kinetic AA flak Banks.

1.2 Kilometres

Hive-Class Assault Carrier Dreadnought

The ultimate dreadnought, constructed with ancient technology and armed with the most powerful weapons in the Unity and loaded with several layers of unique armoured alloy.

The Hive-Class takes its name from the fact that it can operate as a mobile base of operations and its large supply of fighter/bomber craft. It is primarily designed for assaulting enemy worlds either with a fleet to assist it or completely on its own making it a fear-inducing vessel simply for its destructive capability. It can also act as a troop carrier, an emergency colony ship and Flotilla command ship. It can also fill in several civilian roles such as an Emergency medical centre, Agricultural centre, Industrial factory or Mobile Star base depending on materials available and crew.

The Hive-Class Dreadnought is armed with sixty Kinetic pulse banks on both sides and four wormhole generators allowing it to traverse the stars without assistance of a stargate and allowing it to bring forth infinite reinforcements (or as much as the Unity can spare).

The Hive-class supports eight wings of eighteen Anemoi-fighters (totalling up to 144 fighters) from its rear hangars and has a special armour known only as Alloy-8472 which has been known for its almost lifelike regenerative effects.

The Hive-Class is also equipped with a spinal Kinetic beam bank allowing it to hit targets wherever they may be. Forty light Kinetic AA pulse banks can also be found along each side of the Dreadnought.

The length of the Hive-Class is three kilometres in length but can be adapted be increased in size with its armaments increasing with it. No Hive's have been constructed above three kilometres.

Rasilak-Class Frigate

4 Energy Beam Banks and 1 Fore-Firing Cuttling Beam.

415 Meters

Tonga-Class Destroyer

2 Energy Beam Banks, 6 Energy Pulse Banks and 1 Fore-Firing Cuttling Beam.

625 Meters

Galor-Class Cruiser

8 Energy Beam Banks, 4 Energy Pulse Banks and 1 Fore-Firing Cuttling Beam.

865 Meters

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