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History of the LCRUA

Last edited: March 9th 2019. Send a Councillor a Telegram if information is outdated.


Motto: For the people!

Most Used Language: English

Available Languages:
- English (UK, US)
- French
- Esperanto
- Spanish
- Dutch (NL, BE)
- Norse
- Czech
- Slovak
- Russian
- Portugese (BR)
- Finnish
- Flemish
- Turkish
- Hungarian

- Founder
- Council
- Tribunal
- WA Delegate
- Security Officers
- Interpreters
- Legal Representatives

Executive Power: The Council

Legislative Power: All members

Juridical Power: The Tribunal and Legal Representatives

Established: August 26th, 2015
Founded: September 19th, 2015


The Leftist, Centrist, Right, Unification Alliance, more commonly called the LCRUA, is an alliance of nations and regions. It is classified as a direct democracy. The alliance currently has both member-nations and member-regions. You can find the full list of our members here.

The LCRUA is a trans-regional alliance with the goal to unite NationStates peacefully, share culture, preserve freedom and close the gap that separates the different ideologies trough constructive debate rather than violence. We are open to all political views, as long as members conduct themselves respectfully.

Our region has a substantial background for roleplay, about which you can learn more in the Roleplay section of this page. Everything else noted here are facts about the region itself.

Etymology and Origins

The LCRUA began naturally, rather than through deliberate effort. In early August 2015 Noladea moved to The Communist Bloc. Seeking to establish long lasting relations with many leftist nations, Noladea founded the N.U.A. (Noladea Unification Alliance) on the 26th of August. With more nations joining the N.U.A., the name was changed to the S.U.A. (Socialist Unification Alliance). When a puppet of Condealism joined the alliance, it was clear that it wasn't entirely socialist any more. Around then, it also developed it's own goals, and Noladea again changed the name of the alliance to better suit it. The final name was "LCRUA", standing for Leftist, Centrist, Right Unification Alliance.

Early propaganda from S.U.A.



The LCRUA can be traced back to two nations, Linnuis and Noladea. They both have very different backgrounds and cultures, yet fate seems to have brought them together to form the LCRUA.

LCRUA in Crisis
A constitutional crisis in The Communist Bloc led to Noladea's departure for USSD. It was felt that now that Noladea had left the region the alliance would amount to nothing and eventually dissolve. However both Linnuis and Noladea maintained good contact with each other. They discussed founding their own region but neither of them had any experience in building a region. They also felt that they didn't have enough members.

The First Government
After the revolution in TCB, the LCRUA continued to grow. Two notable new members were Krypton Nova and Yymea. Both of these nations sought to unite the LCRUA further. Yymea founded the People's Cup, an association football tournament for all LCRUA members. The first tournament was a great success, and would become a regular event in the following months. Krypton Nova felt that the alliance needed its own forum and so built ithem himself, while Linnuis started forming a government to give the alliance direction. The first Worker's Council was formed, consisting of Linnuis, Noladea, Condealism, Krypton Nova, Yymea and Malutia lusia cialty. Soon after this the first Presidential elections were held. In a shock result, Krypton Nova was elected first president after everyone expected either of the core founders, Linnuis or Noladea, to win.

The Founding
After the first presidential elections the Workers' Council decided that a region would be needed to unite the alliance. Linnuis was tasked with founding the LCRUA's own region. The region soon grew as it got a voice in the WA, it's own map and news agency. However, relations with other leftist regions were mixed at first. The USSD gave their full support to the alliance. The Communist Bloc got quite stressed out about several of their members leaving, but this was soon resolved. The Red Fleet refused to establish embassies with the LCRUA because the alliance was too accepting of capitalists. Regardless of this, the alliance continued to grow.

Early Flag of The LCRUA

The Second Constitution
In October 2015, Frangleterre was persuaded to join the alliance, on the condition that the government would take a look into the constitution. He was asked before, but had declined the offer due to issues with it. He joined right before the first council elections were held, and participated as a candidate in them. He was elected, and became Councillor for Legislation. His first task: making the Second Constitution. Our current Constitution is still primarily based on the Second Constitution, even though it has had many amendments, and the alliance was shaped by it.

In November 2015, Noladea, who was then Councillor for Information, thought that it'd be useful to have an interregional newspaper. What began as a few small issues regionally called the "Regional Community News", or RCN for short, grew into large issues, with their own serious, opinionated, roleplay-related or comical articles. It also got its very own, rather large, poland-ball section, which is very much like the regional culture of the LCRUA. Later on, the issues were also distributed to the regions we had embassies with, which didn't always go well. It has received some major negative criticism a few times, but the majority of reactions were always positive.

New Year: 2015-16
Our alliance had reached over 50 official member-nations, one member-region (United Countries of NationStates), and even more residing nations in the region. On New Year's Eve the second Council elections took place, and at the start of the new year, the third Council term started. All was going well with the region, as it continued to thrive, grow and develop.

Councillor for State
On January the 13th, the Council decided that a new Councillor was required to run the region efficiently, as not all fields of authority were covered by the other Councillors, and to fill some other security gaps. This new Councillor was named "Councillor for State", to refer to the fact that the position had relatively miscellaneous but definitely internal duties.

100 Nations
At the start of March, Krypton Nova set up a means of automatic recruitment. This caused a sudden influx of nations, and halfway March, the LCRUA had reached the 100-nations milestone.

Over the course of several months, starting around January, a proper military was build up by Linnuis, and later around March was continued to be developed by Krypton Nova, the former laying the basic structure of ranks and authority out, and the latter implementing military training.

Entente Cordiale
On late March 2016, President Krypton Nova's third and last term came to an end. To succeed this extremely popular first President of the LCRUA, only two Councillors stood candidate: Frangleterre and Linnuis. The first round of the elections was tied. According to the Constitution of the LCRUA, a second round should have been organised. However, due to the waste of time it'd represent for the region's government, and considering the results were extremely likely to be the same, a proposal was written by Krypton Nova that would allow multiple Councillors to become Co-Presidents, side by side. It was voted on by the region during the temporary government of Salomonistic states, who was Councillor of State at that time, and as such temporarily fulfilled the office of President. With the proposal passed, the "Entente Cordiale" started on April 7th, 2016.

Direct Democracy, The Tribunal and Unity
In an effort to make all Council positions able to overthrow by referenda, Frangleterre wrote a proposal. The proposal was met with much criticism, as it also increased all Council terms from two months to three, meant to cope with the little time the Council had. Some considered the less frequent elections as being less democratic, even though any Councillor, including the President(s), could now be recalled. In May 2016, the legislation was laid out for a Tribunal to judge over trials and for a new Councillor: the Councillor for Unity. The judges for the Tribunal would only be elected in August 2016, due to the new 3-month rotation of elections, making it useless until then.

The efforts of the LCRUA to incorporate more regions, specifically Superiorem Merionem Region and Solid Kingdom, failed. However in early July 2016, things took an unexpected turn. As it happened, SK had asked SMR to join together in an alliance, at the same moment as the LCRUA again asked SMR to join. The Diplomacy Officer of SMR at that time, Demon Catz proposed the three regions to join in an alliance instead of accepting either proposal. And so, Demon Catz, Krypton Nova and Siburria established the Federation of Organised Regions for Global Enlightenment (FORGE).

Councillor of FORGE
After the formation of FORGE, there was no use for the Defence department. On January 2017, Former Citizens of the Nimbus System proposed that Defence should be renamed to FORGE and this resolution was successfully passed. Exbrenia was elected as the first Councillor for FORGE. Unity was also reintroduced and Zemania was elected as the Councillor for Unity.

Introduction of New Faces
On September 2016, Larnion was appointed as the WA Delegate after Noladia Ceased to Exist and Linnuis left LCRUA to join Superiorem Merionem Region because of harsh criticism from some of the Council members. On September 2016, South Asians joined LCRUA and was elected as a member of the judiciary. Saihosk also joined LCRUA.

Reforms in RP and Merging Departments
LCRUA faced inactivity in roleplay after the War of Absolute Frost. South Asians was elected as the Councillor for Culture and he shifted roleplay from Forums to the RMB to increase activity. He along with Krypton Nova successfully brought activity to LCRUA's RP. Linnuis returned to LCRUA on February 2017. On April 2017, Krypton Nova proposed a merge of all council department into a single Council with all authorities except Border Control. The bill passed a referendum.

After returning to LCRUA Linnuis made WA Delegate non-executive. He slowly became inactive and stopped responding to any messages. Krypton Nova left NS. People slowly became inactive and many of them Ceased to Exist. The President Baishita was also inactive, leading to widespread frustration and major setbacks in administration. Larnion managed to conduct Council elections, but his effort went in vain because the Founder, Linnuis, wasn't appointing anyone. South Asians, along with Larnion and Krypton Nova decided to rebuild the region from scratch with a shared Founder account, because LCRUA had raider threats previously and raiders could attack them any time due to inactivity. Thus, South Asians held a referendum on making a new region; it passed with 90% majority and the trio founded a new region named The LCRUA. Nearly all residents moved to The LCRUA, except for Former Citiens of the Nimbus System. Regardless of that, the crisis was averted.

After the foundation of The LCRUA, Sleet Clans restarted the API recruitment and Jovian artemisia became the cartographer. Saihosk wass elected as the first President of The LCRUA and tenth President overall. It crossed 50 nations in just one month, due to the large influx of preople from the original region. During this time, FORGE collapsed, and as a spiritual successor, SWORD as formed. Shortly after, however, SWORD was folded due to reputation issues and lack of interest and AIR was formed as the new defender organisation. With a new Council elected, The LCRUA looked like it was on the rise.

New Era
The antifascist union's arrival at the region saw the message board flooded with conversation and debate. Especially after political parties were founded there was strong opposition to this by Poulton-with-Fearnhead and Fortvento. After this time, The LCRUA seemed comfortable in its being, councillors were making progress and everything was running smoothly. At the end of June there were Council elections, all was running smoothly until a select group of nations accused The antifascist union of cheating. Trials were held for those responsible of harassment and verbal abuse towards the mentioned nation, however, the damage was done - TAFU left the region due to this incident and formed his own, Otasija. The LCRUA had a referendum for the leaving of AIR, after it was revealed that the alliance showed no sign of R/D activity except for the advertising of Enadia. The bill passed 12-2 and The LCRUA left AIR and has begun forming its own R/D military.

Second Crisis and Tribunal Rule
Shortly after The AntiFascist Union formed his own splinter region, Otasija, and several members of The LCRUA followed suit, tensions have arisen. South Asians, the President at the time, first accused TAFU of stealing members and then called him out for disrespecting and provoking our region on an interregional scale. Coupled with that, SA made illegal advancements in the name of alleged security precautions, and did not communicate well with the members of the Council. A majority of the Council then decided to call a vote of no confidence, but their means to seize control over the region were also rendered illegal in what was the largest trial in LCRUA's history. Both the President-in-Exile and 3/4 of the incomplete Council have been found guilty of breaching the Constitution and were removed from position, leading to Folzofia's emergency presidency, with the Tribunal temporarily controlling the Founder nation to prevent power disputes. Shortly afterwards, a new Council was appointed, and the crisis averted yet again.

Mid-Late 2018
An influx of right-wing nations has caused the LCRUA to lose a bit of its stability, due to sudden burst of in-fighting and ideological wars. Added to this, an embassy with the Federation of Conservative Nations has proved to add fuel to the fire, as its members rallied for the shift of power to the hands of solely rightist nations along with several radical members. Since the last Council election, Marvinton and Xialta as the newly appointed Councillors often clashed in opinion due to the former's productive, yet quite controversial steps in his position. The incident ended with Xialta leaving the region and resigning, and in the following by-election, Larnion was re-appointed as the sixth Councillor.

Early 2019
The embassy with the Federation of Conservative Nations was closed after a discussion in the LCRUA's discord.

Then-president Marvinton, and then-councillors Arstrottka and Kush Country left to create their own region, the Republic of Free Nations. The leaders of the RoFN admitted to recruiting residents and members of The LCRUA. This caused controversy which created a distance between the two regions. On March 2nd, 2019, The council agreed to name Marvinton, the President of The RoFN, and Dierexa, a nation that conspired to overthrow The LCRUA's government along with the government of the RoFN, personae non grata. The Council did so on the grounds of "Obstruction of justice, treason, and conspiracy against The LCRUA." This followed the naming of South Asians as persona non grata on February 24th for participating in overthrowing, and ruining the reputation of the region.

Lezetatuni started stamp recruiting, bringing in tens of residents. The Lubos RP, created by Zaila Two-The Squeakquel was started in early February, and is ongoing. On March 8th, President Smolcasm's CROP amendment passed 8-2, removing the position of President. On the same day, she stepped down to councillor.



The members of the LCRUA have widely different views and ideologies.They are open-minded towards nations with other political views and welcome such nations into their alliance.

Click here for the list of all current LCRUA members.

In the diagram below (February 6th, 2019), you can see the popularity of the different political affiliations among the members in our region. This is not necessarily representative for the persons controlling them, and as such not fully representative for determining whether the region leans to the left or the right, but it gives a basic idea of what political affiliation is most popular.


English is the language that is used by most members of the LCRUA. However, most of them speak different languages as well. Example are French, Spanish, Dutch,... Poulton-with-Fearnhead, Fortvento and Lezetatzuni even made their own languages! But fear not, to make communication easier, most members use English. To accommodate members who's native language isn't English or who do not master the language entirely, and make life much easier for them, we have "Interpreters" in our region, who can communicate with those members in their native language. Our world factbook entry and recruitment telegram are also translated into different languages for the same reason. You can find who the interpreters for various languages are here.


The LCRUA has a government that is lead by the Council. Every one of the 5 Councillors can propose and approve legislative proposals. Members can propose legislation as well, though they have to go trough the Council or a referendum to put it up for vote. Every Councillor can be recalled by a referendum.

Officially, interpreters and advisors are a part of the government as well, although they don't have any extra say in matters aside from their rights as members of The LCRUA.

You can find our constitution here if you want to know more details about our legislation.

Foreign Relations & Military

Diplomacy is conducted through embassies. If you want to know the regions we currently have embassies with, take a look at our regional page, right underneath our World Factbook Entry. If you want to start diplomatic relations with us please send a telegram to one of our current Councillors. The LCRUA has no limitations or requirements for embassies outside of the Embassy Policy, which can be found in the Master Dispatch.

The LCRUA had a military before an amended version of Yymea's Neutrality Act, During Marvinton's Presidency it has been repealed, and a short lived military was created. In early January of the next year, the original, unamended Neutrality Act was passed. Currently, the LCRUA does not have a military, except the official WA delegate, the founder account, and the security officers, who protect the region in case of any attack. We have had a history with Interregional defender organizations such as FORGE, SWORD and AIR.

In mid-February 2019, past president South Asians shared a screenshot of a post from councillor Zaila Two-The Squeakquel on the LCRUA's discord to The South Pacific. The foreign affairs department in TSP, weren't fond of the post, and closed the embassy. As well as sharing a document detailing behavior from LCRUA members which they didn't find appropriate, to their allies in XKI and Forest.



Our culture involves extensive use of Polandballs to express opinions or sketch situations. We used have an interregional newspaper called "Regional Community News", created by Noladead and later maintained by Larnion, which was sent to all regions we have embassies with. The RCN were later reformed into what was called the Interregional News Network, or INN for short; however, INN lasted mere two issues before being discontinued. After the region's rebirth, South Asians administered the LCRUA Times, which has been cancelled since his leaving of the LCRUA, and banned due to spamming on the Regional Message Board. Currently, A rebooted version of the Regional Community News (Although not usually shared to our embassies) is written bi-weekly with 6 issues as of early March 2019.

More about our culture can be found in these factbooks:


For purposes of RP, the nations are located on a planet called Lubos, about which you can find everything to do with roleplay, there is a current map of nations here. Nations on Lubos are generally Modern Tech, though Post-Modern Tech is also common, and a few Future Tech nations exist. Many nations have a combination of those three.

Past roleplays include:

  • Arcadia

  • Erosia

  • Original Lubos RP

  • The New Age of Earth

  • LCRUA Era

As of March 9th 2019, the Lubos RP is the only currently running roleplay. You can find the rulebook here.

You can find out more details about our RP here.

- Krypton Nova
- Poulton-with-Fearnhead
- South Asians
- Larnion
- ZaILa TWo-The SquEAkqueL
- Factbook based on this Template.