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Parliamentary Union of Sovereign Nations Government Terms

Founder: until he CTE

   -Yearly term 1: November, December, January (elected in October for 3 months)
   -Yearly term 2: February, March, April (elected in January for 3 months)
   -Yearly term 3: May, June, July (elected in April for 3 months)
   -Yearly term 4: August, September, October (elected in July for 3 months)

Prime Minister:
   -Yearly term 1: November, December, January, February (elected in October for 4 months)
   -Yearly term 2: March, April, May, June (elected in February for 4 months)
   -Yearly term 3: July, August, September, October (elected in June for 4 months)

Minister: by Prime Ministerial appointment

   -Yearly term 1: November, December (elected in October for 2 months)
   -Yearly term 2: January, February (elected in December for 2 months)
   -Yearly term 3: March, April (elected in February for 2 months)
   -Yearly term 4: May, June (elected in April for 2 months)
   -Yearly term 5: July, August (elected in June for 2 months)
   -Yearly term 6: September, October (elected in August for 2 months)

Culture and Activities Commissioner: by combined Cabinet and Parliamentary election
   -Yearly term 1: November 10-May 9 (elected on November 5-8 for 6 months)
   -Yearly term 2: May 10-November 9 (elected on May 5-8 for 6 months)

Recruitment Councilor: by Presidential appointment

King of Arms: by Prime Ministerial appointment

Civil Court Justice: by appointment by the Minister of Jurisprudence, confirmed by Parliament
   -Yearly terms for seat 1: April 3-October 2; October 3-April 2
   -Yearly terms for seat 2: June 3-December 2; December 3-July 2
   -Yearly terms for seat 3: August 3-February 2; February 3-August 2

Election cycles:
October 23: President, Prime Minister and Parliament
November 23: x
December 23: Parliament
January 23: President
February 23: Prime Minster and Parliament
March 23: x
April 23: President and Parliament
May 23: x
June 23: Prime Minister and Parliament
July 23: President
August 23: Parliament
September 23: x

The Free Republic of Abdoa