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Delegate Selection Process

Welcome to a general guide to how the election system in The Doctor Who Universe works. This is meant to be a helpful resource for new residents and those who have no idea what's going on when that poll shows up at the end of each month. I hope you gain some insight and voting confidence from this guide.


The monthly election held in this region is to determine who the new WA Delegate will be. In The Doctor Who Universe, the WA Delegate is non-executive. The only power they are granted is the ability to approve proposals on behalf of the region in either chamber of the World Assembly. The elections serve to give any WA nation a chance at being Delegate in the region.

Voter Criteria

The only thing required to vote in The Doctor Who Universe is to be a resident. You don't have to be in the WA or participate in any other regional activities.

Running Criteria

Running in the election is a different matter. There is the additional requirement that only WA nations may run for the position of Delegate, because non-WA members cannot actually take up that office. All WA members in the region currently go on the ballot, however, if you do NOT wish to run, just send a telegram to me (Whovian tardisia) and I shall remove your name from the ballot.

Voting Process

On the second to last day of each month (EDIT: or thereabouts; it varies due to RL events), a poll will appear at the bottom of the region home page. The title follows the general format of: (month) Elections: Who should be our Delegate?
The additional text is a reminder of the basic guidelines covered here. The poll stays up for three days, so the results can be up on the second day of the new month (EDIT: or thereabouts). To vote, simply select the nation whom you wish to hold the Delegate's office, then click the "Vote" box. The vote is not anonymous, and you can change your decision at any point throughout the three days. After the poll goes down, I check the results and post an announcement of who won to the Regional Message Board. Sometimes our founder, The Doctors Who, beats me to it. The results are visible to all, just scroll down to where the poll used to be, and under previous polls the title should be there. Click on that, and you can view the results. After this announcement, ALL WA nations MUST endorse the winner, AND ONLY the winner. This is how they actually enter office, and endorsing anyone else runs the risk of putting the wrong nation in. This process may take a few days due to the fact that some people don't play Nationstates all that regularly. The elected Delegate will retain their office until the next election is over and all endorsements have been transferred to the new Delegate. If they cease to exist or leave the region before the next election, an emergency election will be called to fill the position.
Thank you for reading this dispatch. If you are a newcomer that is in the WA, please endorse the current Delegate. If you aren't in the WA, then you have nothing to worry about until election time. Enjoy your stay in The Doctor Who Universe, however long or short it may be.


Whovian tardisia, Propaganda Minister for The Doctor Who Universe.

Whovian tardisia