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by The Potato-Poet of The Salaxalans. . 302 reads.

Potatoes are forever!

People of NationStates! This was a hard-fought election, a crazy few days, and I would like to congratulate my opponent, Caelapes! Those last few hours when we were trying our best to eat away at your lead were some of the most tense I've had in NationStates. Communism may have won this time, but POTATOES ARE FOREVER!!!

Congratulations to NewTexas and We Are Not TBH as well; you guys did amazingly! To all the other candidates who didn't make it to the final five, you're all what made this thing possible. All the craziness of the first few rounds with everyone trying to get support everywhere they could was great, and it looked like most people were having lots of fun.

Now, to all my voters, a big giant THANK YOU! We gave Caelapes a run for their money, and couldn't have done it without each of you! And further thanks:
To Salaxapac for all the wonderful campaign videos and propaganda!
To Tim-Opolis for running most of the campaign!
To all the nations on the forums posting for potato in this last round, including but not limited to John q cole, The Derpy Democratic Republic Of Herp, Sacred Toast, Snowiny, Equestria and griffon, Sylven, Washtenaw, Alekseandrea, New Leganes, Ancient republics, and everyone else that I may have missed.
To all the regions that flew the potato, including:

As well as any other regions flying the potato that I did not see!
To all the lovely nations of Spiritus for supporting me from the beginning and having me as their delegate these last few years!
To all the nations scattered around NS posting about me on their RMBs; I saw quite a few from notifications and appreciated every mention!
Finally, to all the mods who voted for the potato campaign! I know there were at least six, maybe more with their hidden WA nations. I saw Reploid Productions, Sedgistan, Wrapper, Luna Amore, Ballotonia, and Tsaraine. Unfortunately your vote-rigging didn't quite work out! :P

Thank you Max, [violet], and everyone for a fantastic April Fool's Day! This might be my favourite one yet!

The Potato-Poet of The Salaxalans