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Mystical council history

The first flags proposed for the region. (By Zikzator)

Which flag do you think is the best?

The first regional Facebook entry

Hello New Vedan,
What do you think of changing the factbook to this?
The Mystical Council is a fun region dedicated to role play.
Role play!
Ally's/ enemies!
Active leaders!
SOON: Government positions
RP right now: Oakplumington Revolution
Currency: Ziks (Each Zik is about $00.50 USD)
Glory to (Nation in charge)!
It's just a rough draft, do you have any ideas about anything else I should add, remove, or change?
Zolo Wilton, Dictator of Zikzator

Corospondonce leading to the foundation of the mystical council.

Oakplumington → Andolania, Mother Rus, New vedan, Rossika, Zikzator
1 year 143 days ago
It doesn't matter to me where we do the RP.
If the region votes against RP or if Mother Russia is against RP, then we will proceed to RP in "The Mystical Council". And Zikzator will be Delegate since Zikzator was surrounded by democracy in The Russian Federation of Politics.
However we want to do this is ok by me.

New vedan → Rossika, Andolania, Oakplumington, Mother Rus, Zikzator
1 year 143 days ago
Well if you guys want you can all move a puppet into United territories of North America (I'm the delegate there). It will have a lot more people who are expirenced at RPing and a already made constitution and map. If your intersted the password is Freedom

Oakplumington → Rossika, Andolania, Mother Rus, Zikzator, New vedan
1 year 143 days ago
Mother Russia's official ruling is any RP within The Russian Federation of Politics must be limited to telegram.
That clears up that question.
Now...United Territories of North America or The Mystical Council?
Either one is good for me. or even both if we want to get really crazy with this

New vedan → Oakplumington
1 year 143 days ago
I vote UTNA for obvious reasons. Tho I geuss that dozent really count :p

The Green Pheonix of New Vedan