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The Unities Personality

Personality Traits Available

    Stubborn: Will not give in to threats under any circumstances.
    Good: Less likely to take slaves and more likely to be unconditionally nice towards other Nations.
    Honourable: Will never break a peace treaty or non-aggression pact, and will never forgive an empire that does.
    Aggressive: Will launch unprovoked attacks against other Nations, especially if they sense weakness.
    Imperialists: Is very likely to force a smaller, weaker Nation into becoming a Vassal and will enforce their rule militarily if needed.
    Genocidal: Far more likely to kill off civilian populations instead of engage in military conflict.
    Mercantile: Will likely offer trade pacts or trade technologies.
    Hoarders: Will gather as many resources and money as they can and will not give to other Nations.
    Trusting: Willing to trust other Nations more.
    Cunning: More likely to conduct espionage than other Nations.
    Technologists: Dedicated to technological advancement over anything else.
    Expansionists: Will expand rapidly through extensive use of colonies and will use military force if their interests conflict with another Nation.
    Isolationists: Will stick to their claimed territory and is unlikely to expand any further or contact other Nations at all.
    Prideful: Will never forgive being frightened.
    Greedy: Will take every opportunity to get what they desire.
    Militarists: Is highly militarised in comparison to other Nations.
    Gullible: Is diplomatically handicapped and more likely to believe and allow anything another Nation might say.
    Xenophobic: Hates other Nations of a differing species unconditionally due to either cultural, historical or religious reasons.
    Xenophile: Loves other species , perhaps more than their own.
    Racist: Hates all other or particular variants of their own species.
    Guardian: Is very likely to protect smaller, weaker Nations that are likely to be attacked by stronger Nations.
    Sensitive: Is difficult to get along with initially and does not forgive Nations who break treaties with them but they themselves are extremely trustworthy.
    Superiority Complex: Desires to be the very best like no one ever was and will do their utmost to out-perform other Nations.

The Unities Personality Traits

Superiority Complex

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