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The People's Coalition

The People's Coalition

Libertarian Communist

In the consequence of corporate power overtaking the power of the people, the people must exterminate the injustice. Acknowledging the separations created by political parties, the Coalition hereby eliminates all parties in an attempt to unify the people. With the respect that everyone is entitled to personal property, and that all people are originally made equal; the people shall live in a society where the government provides for everyone accordingly and the people work together to achieve their common interests. The belief that all shall have equal pay works so long as everyone has a job, thus the Department of Labor of the government is to provide everyone with a job. In the event of an accident that could have been prevented, all members of the administration who were aware of the defect that caused the accident shall be removed from their positions and directed to the nearest prison. (or, in the case of Xedinous and nations like it, be transported to the national colosseum)

Party Founder/Leader: Lenox Foster, a fairly easy fellow who only tries to help those who sincerely need it.

Party Lieutenants-

TSSR: Tatu Maksimov, an odd fellow to say the least, he enjoys reviewing the number of domestic starships entering and exiting New Moscow.

Otaku Hikomor: Ghulam Ali, once a supporter of the current Senate Coalition, Ghulam has transitioned to a communist in favour of a more fair society.

Zykyn: Baptiste McGregor, a former diplomat for the King who turned leftist after Raine Zykain the III's death, he plans to give other nations a positive view of his nation.

New Sino-Japan: Kiyoshi Tsukuda, a man, who was in line to inherit a large amount of land, who has wrote several books favouring libertarian leftism (including The Conquest of Rice).

The People's Coalition believes that non-WA members should be able to have an influence in the election of the WA Delegate for GNE; furthermore, all nations should have the right to pursue their rights.
The People's Coalition believes that only trustworthy nations should be allowed to join GNE if those nations have the desire to do so. All nations that wish to join GNE should have a defined character.
The People's Coalition believes that the homosexual community should be treated as such: if anyone acts prejudiced to the homosexuals, then that person should be jailed (or, in the case of Xedinous and nations like it, transported to the national colosseum) and vice versa. The People's Coalition believes that anyone who agrees with the notion that the only differences between a man and a woman are the genitalia, hormones, and cerebral functions is a respectable person for that reason. 
The People's Coalition believes that religion has differences between people and thus should not be made one of the community's priorities, and all spirituality funds should be canceled.
The People's Coalition believes that scientific research on animals should only be conducted if the research is meant to help the specific animal being tested on. The People's Coalition believes that scientific research can be conducted on a living culture of normal human cells (because human cells naturally contain human DNA unlike animals) only if the testing is meant to benefit the human race.