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RaiderCon 2016

The Black Hawks will be celebrating our 11th year anniversary on July 2nd, 2016. Last year, in honor of our 10 years, TBH hosted a raiding convention, RaiderCon, recognizing the history of raiding within NationStates and established the Raiding Hall of Fame. Last year's program and the first class of the Hall is below. Thank you to Zacherie for designing the banner.

This year, RaiderCon will be taking place again from July 1st until July 6th and feature guest speakers, discussions, and raiding challenges. All are invited to attend the event regardless of affiliation. Keep an eye out on the Gameplay thread for updates on the program and other details. We will be using the same forum as last year, so if you participated, your account will still be there. Join the forum located here:LinkRaiderCon

Gameplay Thread: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=343132&start=225

Last year's program:

July 1st, 2015
Raiding within GCRs Panel led by Todd McCloud, Crushing Our Enemies, and North East Somerset

July 2nd, 2015
Old Raider Panel led by Kknight, of crazed, and Shadow

July 3rd, 2015
Raiding Regions Panel led by OnderKelkia, Pixie Noir, and Kraketopia

July 4th, 2015
North East Somerset's Personal on Scientia potentia est: Intelligence in Raiding

July 5th, 2015
Apulita's Interview on the Relationship between Raiding and Warzones

July 6th, 2015
New Raider Panel led by Trick Shot, Ever-Wandering Souls, Marselesk, Revall, Shadoke, and Valrifell

July 7th, 2015
Koth's Personal on Building the Osiris Fraternal Order

First Class of the Raiding Hall of Fame

Red Back: Without the incredible efforts of RB, The Black Hawks would not exist today. He was the second founder of TBH and has served as the Commander for nearly a decade. He has contributed to several notable raids include Forest many years ago that reignited TBH, and most recently, serving as the sleeper for the raids of Hippiedom and Hell. RB is respected by all players and represents a role model all raiders should look up to.

Savaer: He was a powerhouse in raiding and for Unknown, serving in several leadership positions. He helped keep pure raiding alive during the post-NS2 era when nearly all raiding organizations were inactive. He contributed to several large scale raids including organizing or helping other Incognitan officers organize successful hits against major historical defender regions including Anticapitalist Alliance, Allied States of Euroislanders, and The Proletariat Coalition.

Evil Wolf: EW showed that pure raiders could be more that just players who raid. The second founder of LWU, EW has been one of raiding's leaders with raids including Lazarus and Anarchy, helped destroy Nazi Europe, and has served as delegate of TNP among other leadership positions. EW's political and strategic efforts has set him apart for years.

Of crazed: OC has been a bridge for many modern raiders of the past. He has had many impressive feats as a former Field Marshal of DEN including helping to lead the raid of The Rejected Realms with Taijitu, the Novus Orsa raid, and serving as the sleeper in the Catholic raid in 2012. OC has shown raiders time and time again how to be an outstanding, whole gameplayer.

Gest: Gest has served as a keystone in raiding over the past four years. Without him, TBR and now the current DEN would not have lasted to become one of the premier raiding organizations in NS history. Under his leadership, long standing occupations and countless tag raids have occurred. Gest is a shining example of sturdy consistency and a strategic leader in raiding.

Onderkelkia: As a player, Onder has greatly contributed to raiding over many years through the cooperation of several imperialist groups with raiders. He has led several large raids over the years including the 2012 raid of Belgium, which led to the raid of TRR, the first time a operation was used to overtake the sinker. Onder is a exceptional representation of a gameplayer who does not need to be a raider to positively impact raiding.

General Franks: Franks, a former DEN Field Marshal, was a raiding giant during his time who greatly influenced modern raiding. DEN's lasting reputation, in large part, is due to his efforts of bringing stealth raiding, and a visionary mind, to the group. He started The Jolly Rodger, a raiding group that solely focused on Update Raiding (something unheard of at the time). In addition, he created The Den, Ile de France, and The Old Raiding Club. As one judge commented, "He was universally loathed by defenders, and feared by natives and gameplayers alike."