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Beginners Guide To CAS

Overview: Nature of Nationstates and Roleplaying

Hello, welcome to the region.

Forget what you think you know about this game when entering.

There is no mechanic for “declaring war’ on other nations.

Further details on that can be found here if needed: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=483718

But essentially, the issues are more satirical window dressing. It does not affect anything the community you are in if it does not consider them. So, unless the RP you are in uses stats from NS, the stats and issues are irrelevant.

Roleplaying and wars between nations are done in RP’s on the forums, the RP’s are typed. So, if you sign up to an RP, you make your stats for that RP according to its rules. As well as writing any factbooks associated with them.

Here is the link to the Canon RP signup page that the region has: viewtopic.php?p=37530675#p37530675

The RP In Character Page, where you post as your nation once you've signed up and been accepted in the previous forum: (Canon is currently under construction, please try our Casual RP if you're looking to RP)

If you want to practice and try an RPing experience with less rules and more freeform as long as you follow the rules of behavior, here is the signup thread for that and in character thread for that, both are done on the same page in this RP (Aka, this is our Casual RP): viewtopic.php?p=37141606&sid=f27caac03d0c2c1abe3c6e7dc98773de#p37141606

Overview: Nature of Nationstates Regions and Utilized Media

Regions, like ours, are communities of players that do activities the region has and follow the rules of its government. They can do RPing such as that one on the forums or others, casual discussion, and other activities that the community wishes to do.

As region will also likely have other media from which to chat and base much interaction, such as Skype or Discord. We use Discord.

Feel free to join us, here's the link:

Though you will have to go through a vetting channel before being allowed wider access. Just follow the instructed steps when you join, then you will be able to access the server as a regular member of humble subject of the Founder/Chairman.

In case the link simply fails or simply does not work for you, then you can telegram Founder/Chairman Neo Rome Republic/CAS Revival for a fixed or modified link.

It is optional of course, but it is still recommended you have one for this region. We are in addition to a region of roleplaying games, VERY BIG on general discussion and community building. And any questions you may further have on the regional canon RP would be better explained through discord.

Chatting on discord along with the regional message board will help you. In addition to just general chat on regional goings on, roleplaying, politics, life, other activities, etc.

Group activities such as gaming, other roleplaying type activities may at times occur on discord as well, along with other novelty or misc channels/groups in the discord server.

We also have a developing gaming group for the region, here's the link to the steam group:

It is recommended and basically required you join discord to join the steam group, as we discuss all group gaming ideas and scheduling on discord.

To start things off we recommend you introduce yourself on the regional message board or better yet join discord as well to get to know your regional brethern.

Anyways, hope you enjoy your stay here and take care. :)

Feel free to telegram me if you have any questions.

And here is the link on the nature of the regional government: WIP

Sincerely, Chairman Neo Rome Republic/CAS Revival