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Region Rules

Here are the regional rules, keeping all the nations of the Commonwealth safe and content against any unruly folk.

If you're stuck, find our help dispatch here!
Rules for General Conduct

Rules that all members must follow both onsite and offsite.

Follow NationStates rules; if you don't you'll soon find out when your account has been deleted.
Treat all others how you would want to be treated; if you're mean to somebody else, why shouldn't they be mean back.
Respect others; no racism, offensive comments or bullying is ever permitted within The Commonwealth or NationStates as a whole.
Do not involve yourself in one-sided RP; if a nation does not want to roleplay with you, you have no right to include it in your own. This includes any characters from other nations. Get permission first!
Don't purposely annoy others; this isn't helpful to the regional dynamic and is completely unnecessary.
Don't godmod; unfortunately you can't spawn an army and nuclear warhead out of thin air after being destroyed yourself. Be realistic to your nations statistics and build it up.
Everybody is equal; even if you're in a position of importance, we're all human, remember that.
Avoid spamming; unless part of a game or similar, spamming is bad. Posting 'lulz' over and over will achieve nothing positive.
Puppetry; whilst puppets are allowed for the purposes of roleplay, don't pretend to be separate people when it comes to important debates/votes.

Rules for the Regional Message Board

Rules specifically for the regional message board.

Refrain from;
Using offensive language, swearing, being racist or generally unfriendly; these things are unnecessary and not to be tolerated.
Using non-english; the majority of our members will not understand so this is pointless.
Spamming; again, spamming is bad. More specifically trolling. Don't do it.
Roleplaying events; chances are if your have a roleplay, it will have a thread on our forum. Little introductions are fine but keep the bulk on the offsite forum where it belongs otherwise it will get lost.

"What if I break the rules?"

Well there are a number of possible outcomes from breaking the rules, depending on frequency and severity.

Warning telegram from a moderator or regional official.
RMB Post Suppression.
Ejection from the Commonwealth.
Banning from the Commonwealth.

"I've seen something offensive but nothing's been done"

In that case you should directly report the RMB post or telegram to the NationStates moderators IF it is breaking site rules.

If it isn't breaking site rules, but still these rules, please telegram the Secretary General or a regional official for your complaint to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Crowns regent