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[Outdated] Embassy Policy

This dispatch is no longer being updated.

Embassy Policy

A region wishing to construct and maintain an in-game regional embassy must meet the following criteria as decided by the government of The Union of Democratic States. Any region, in any point in time that breaks this policy, will willingly forfeit their embassy with The Union of Democratic States. Any and all exceptions to these guidelines shall be made by the government.

  1. Have an active population of at least 50 active nations.

    1. Exemptions may be made for interregional alliance headquarter regions.

    2. Exemptions for alliance military bases.

  2. Must not have regional tags for:

    1. Invader

    2. Fascist

    3. Imperialist

    4. Anti-World Assembly

    5. Anti-General Assembly

    6. Anti-Security Council

  3. Must not support, in any way, the practice of raiding or imperialism

    1. May not have embassies with known raider regions.

  4. Must not be condemned by the Security Council of the World Assembly

    1. A condemnation by CAIN will also forfeit our embassy.

  5. Must not be an "Embassy Collector"

    1. Embassy Collector is defined as "a region with a policy of obtaining as many embassies as possible."

  6. Must actively support a democratic system of governance.

    1. Exemptions shall be made for regions that were liberated 5 months prior and show stabilization enough for democratic governance to return.

  7. Must condemn hatred of any kind, including discrimination.

    1. Discrimination is defined as “the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.”

  8. Must not be a declared threat nor an adversary to the Union and it’s democratic system of governance by the government of the Union

    1. The generous application of “enemy” shall be interpreted by the government.

  9. Must continuously promote a foreign policy and maintain foreign relations with the Union.

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