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RP Maps (Strangereal universe)

Here are the maps of Puczovska and other nations.

If anyone would like to stake a claim in for some land on the map then TG New Trisone, Western Vapia, Edwerlantin, Puczovska, Necerierra, Lotion Empire, or British Bayonet

Claims must be:
A1. Reasonable enough to be put onto the map. No beginner nation will be the size of Puczovska, or higher, for their claim. If you want more accurate claims and you have, beginner claims have a limit of 30k pixels at the equator. Unless you give up land from your main nation, your secondary nation will have to be at 15k pixels or less.
A2. Picky is good. Feel free to request changes to borders if you aren't happy with them.
A3. This map's planet is the same size as Earth, so I won't be making the map any bigger. If Earth can fit 200 nations, so can mine.
A4. I am not adding new territory to the map. Use the existing land more efficiently and we won't need any more.
A5. Existing nations on the map cannot claim unclaimed land (except in exceptional circumstances).
A6. Not Glacea nor any body of water.

Map removal is strictly allowed to only happen when the following criteria are met:
B1. AFRP, or Away From RP (not RPing for 25 days, 20 days in the case of people on other RMB maps)
B2. RMB RP Ban (if one clause states "therefore, the RMB Cartography Staff shall remove <nation> from the map")
B3. Cease to Exist (when the nation dies in the 28th day. Exceptions apply.)

Note: The staff updates the map once a week, every Saturday. Because of the week long intervals, it is possible someone may have claimed land you wanted before the next update is released. Please plan accordingly.

Map Version: 201

(AkA The RMB rules)

Law maker: Bryan von Friently VII, Emperor of the Grand Friently Empire
Any questions can be asked through TG or via discord.

Treaty of Movebo Deus Modus et Solve Fasciculos
(Treaty of Forbidding Godmode and reset button, also known as the godmode treaty)

This treaty will disallow godmoding, reset buttoning and limit military size in official RMB RP as well as canonizing events not specified as being non-canon.

Recognises the threat of malicious godmoding and reset button-ing on the fun and seriousness of RP

Defines godmoding as:
An unwanted way to gain supreme abilities far beyond the capabilities of a nation,
attacking others with godlike abilities where the oponent can do nothing against,
ignore defences and oponent armies.
All in an attempt to troll, win, feel good, be a tough guy, or just to be a dick.

When one plays a character that can never be destroyed, harmed, etc. The character, however, can hurt and/or kill the other characters without giving the other characters a chance.

This is highly illegal in most, if not all, roleplays.
Sarah = Regular player
Bob = Godmodder

-Sarah aims her arrows at Bob and then releases-
-Arrows go through Bob and Bob jumps up and reaches into Sarah's chest and drags out her beating heart, squeezing the life out of it and killing her-

Defines reset buttoning as:
A way to reset past events in an attempt te undo the mistake one made or to undo the victory of an oponent or one self.
This can include anything from using clones to abstain from being killed, using timetravel to reset what happened, etc

Makes all RP that has not been defined as non-canon canon in that the effects are lasting and will be recorded throughout history.

The laws on this matter will contain several rules to make RP-ing more serious and less horrific.

Any paragraph marked with a * counts for all maps and RP, paragraphs without * only count for the Strangereal RP

Credit to The Austro Germanic Union for the meme

1. Army size:
Armies will only be allowed to be a certain size to ensure the RP remains fair.
How big of a military a nation is allowed to have is determined by three things:

*Defence Force stat found here: - - "[yournationhere]/detail=trend/censusid=46"
*Roleplay Population size they use for their nation (Not the population NS gives you) - -

There are two formulae to calculate your nations allowed military size and both as simple and fast, you can pick one of the two, not both:
- AM=RP/200-=-=-=-=-=
AM=Allowed Military size
RP=Roleplay Population
DF=Defence Force stat -

*2. Wars and Voiding:
You can only declare war on another person or do something if both agree to it. If you are attacked against your will or if during an ongoing rp people do things that you do not want, you are able to void their actions, aka rendering their actions non-existent.

*3. Realism and aesthetics:
Despite the fact that the general laws of physics apply to SR, things like aerodynamics, do not necessarily need to matter. This is to allow people to have different aesthetics to their vehicles or equipment without them becoming bad, obsolete or what have you.
An example would be someone who for whichever reason desires to have trebuchets instead of normal SPG's. Assuming the cost, reload, damage, numbers etc are the same as usual they can also have the same range since it'd be purely aesthetic.

*4. Maps:
If one nation is not on the Strangereal map but tries to RP in it, and they are not busy to get put on the map, then interactions are not fully canon until they are placed upon the map.

*5. Sovereignty:
No-one can decide matters in someone else's nation for them, you cannot decide how other nation's citizens behave, how they feel or what they do. Neither can you decide if there are rebels in someone else's nation, nor that there are citizens of x nation in that or your nation without that persons consent. Only the nation's owner gets to decide what happens in that nation. (Exceptions are things like peace treaties where one side gets to occupy a nation and gets to torture/enslave the people, this is allowed but highly frowned upon)

6. Restrictions On Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Weapons of Mass Destruction, which include any explosive of over 1 kilotons,
or any further weapon that will be able to kill one million people or above.
They cannot be used unless both parties in the RP consent and it is green-lighted by the RP Mods
7. General Weaponry restrictions
There are several types of weapons that endanger the fun and safety of RP and which will thus be disallowed for usage
These weapons include:
Spaceships/stations with weapons and/or military personnel on them.
Orbital Weapons (excluding surface launched missiles that pass through the atmosphere for a moment)
Lasers, Plasma and other similar weaponry can only be utilized like regular firearms(see rule 3.)

*Note: If a weapon not on the list but it is weirdly powerful, ask a RP moderator if it is fine, things can still be decided to be banned or allowed on a case-to-case base.

8. Misc Strangereal Rules
Space Colonisation is not allowed
Space Mining is not allowed
Space Exploration is limited to the Heliosystem
and one can only land on some planets for research, circle in orbit or observe the others

*9. Violators
Violators of this treaty will have their godmode posts been declared null and void,
meaning that any post containing malicious godmoding is not recognized and does not exist,
only non-godmode posts will be accepted.

*10. Judgement:
The severity and judgement on whether something is godmoding will be on a case-to-case base by the RMB RP Moderators

The Treaty of Recte Vivere
(Treaty of Right to live, also known as the imperialism treaty)
Original lawmaker: Yukkira


The purpose of this treaty is to define the acceptable limits of Imperialism. Imperialism is defined as the practice of extending the power, rule and dominion by one nation over another nation, especially by direct territorial acquisitions(taking pixels via war) or by gaining indirect control over the political or economic life of other areas. This treaty's ultimate defining characteristic is to allow for the protection of all members of the community of Role-Playing nations within the North Pacific's Regional Message Board from getting essentially bullied out of their land or sovereignty.


1 - When a new nation (known henceforth as 'nation A') initially enters into the RMB and expresses intent on joining (whether through the direct saying thereof or beginning RP thereof), that nation will be noted by any "regulars" as fulfilling the condition of appearing.

2 - The condition of appearing is voided if said nation A immediately commits to any of the below acts listed under Conditions - 2A

3 - After the condition of appearing is noted, nation A, if defined as "fledgling" or "small," will be given a total of five days to converse with community members, understand the community dynamic, and determine if it wants to become a "regular" of the RMB RP community. This phase is called its trial.

4 - Any nation considered as "regular" of the RMB RP community that attempts to violate the above clause with the intentions listed under Conditions - 4A, will have its actions voided unless nation A has committed to any of the listed acts listed under Conditions - 2A

5 - After the satisfaction of Term/Clause 3, nation A will be considered as a "regular" and will now be subject to the clauses/terms and conditions of this treaty in relation to the perspective of being a "regular" rather than a new nation.


1A - Appearing is defined as entering into the RMB in a non-hostile or non-disruptive manner.

2A - Immediately declaring war/open hostilities on any nations, both new and regulars; godmodding as defined above; spamming repeatedly of hostile or otherwise negatively connotative or denotative comments without plausible or acceptable warrant; the intentional harassment of community members

3A - Trial is defined as the probationary period of five days in which a new nation, if considered as "fledgling" or "small," will be given a total of five days in order to partake in the actions listed under Terms -3

4A - Contempt of clause 4 under Terms will be defined as wanting to annex/take control thereof (without consent).


Any nation found guilty of contempt against the above conditions or clauses will no longer be covered under the above treaty thereafter. This includes but may not be limited to:

-bad puppet nations

Bad puppet nations are defined as nations determined to be similiar to the actions and behaviors thereof a nation that has appeared before it. A bad puppet nation may also not act or behave in the same way as the nation that the community associates it with, but still be under the same owner as the nation it is associated with.

If the community determines that a nation that might be covered under this treaty is, in fact, a puppet nation of a nation, they lose the rights under this treaty and are to be reported to either the RMB mods or the Cartography Staff

This all to ensure good RP, as less malicious godmoding as possible and the reduction of godmode based spam and a base for peace.

Read factbook


Welcome to the TNP RMB! The TNP RMB is diverse, dynamic and fun community. This is a guide on how you can succeed here!

Step 1:
To get started, you first must TG the creator of the map that you wish to be on that you want land, and include your claim that you can outline with screenshot editing software. (there are sometimes other maps, but the one below is the only consistently RPed one.)

This is the main map of the RMB, and is the only one with an extensive moderating system. It also is the most active.

Also, we have this handy map of the Solar System, made by Paxiosolange.

Step 2:
Your next step is to join an alliance. These RP organizations are basically blocs or factions of nations. It is recommended that you join one since the chance of you getting invaded is drastically reduced with membership in an alliance.

Made by one of our former RP moderators, The sanada clan and currently led by Western Vapia, Pax Havenica is the alliance for militaristic nations.


If you would like being part of a large alliance with a sense of community, then look no further than OSEAN, an alliance currently run by New Chilokver.


Or if you are a dictatorship and want a stable and peaceful alliance, joinFriently's Warsaw Pact, which is for dictatorial nations.


We also have the interesting club onepacific, founded by Deerfenland, which is the only alliance for airlines.

Fourth on our list of alliances is Floof, which apparently exists purely for memes and degeneracyanime. It was created by ThE aNgLe Of ChAiRtY.

If you're a bold font appreciator and wish to channel your inner Lenin, you should consider the Red and Black Front, founded by Puczovska.

Finally, we have Ironblood 3, which is run by Illusia and Neverendia and has a really nice fact book.
I do wish to inform you that you are not allowed to join an alliance until you have spent one week on SR.[/color]

Step 5:
Growing your power and influence in this world is a game of patience and strategy. You will almost certainly start off very small unless you were part of this community before. Start wars with non-alliance aligned nations for expansion (Puczovska is notoriously stingy with giving out land), or, once you have made your presence felt, then make your own alliance! You may someday have it featured in this guide here!

You are recommended to have a high Defense Forces statistic, since that is the only way to build a larger military. The RMB average Defense Forces statistic is very high, being at around 20,000.

I have recently created a guide on making alliances, which is presented here.


It is beneficial if you join the RMB Discord, as much activity happens there, and one can meet experienced Rpers there as well. Link: Link

RMB Etiquette/Rules

    1. We take a dim view on caps lock. Don't do it.

    2. Use correct English grammar. If you don't, you may look stupid to some nations here.

    3. Triple posting is considered spam.

    4. Don't quote spam posts. If you do, you may get the post that quoted spam suppressed.

    5. And, as with most message boards online, spamming and flaming are not taken lightly here. If you do either, you will almost certainly get reported to the NS mods and you may get your nation deleted, or even IP banned from NS.

    6. Be nice OOC. Being rude and insulting IC is fine, but once you act rude and insulting OOC, then you will almost certainly fail at geopolitical life in the RMB
    (To differentiate between IC and OOC posts, nations put this at the end of posts:
    -{insert your nation's leader and title here}

    7. Also: Posts that measure more than 5 inches long (30 lines) should be put within the [.spoiler] and [./spoiler] tags. (Without the dots)

    8. In addition, don't threaten to leave the community only to come back later. It's considered immature.

RMB RP Terms

Examples of RP

There are several categories of RP, which are listed as follows:

War RP
Diplomatic RP
Self RP

For Military RP

Here are the rules and restrictions on military sizes:
(Change the name, will you?)

And the restrictions on invading nations:
(#1 most forgettable factbook.)

When actually writing your RP posts, please include the number of what doing what going where.

Example of good war RP:

The HIS DDG-87 Juniom, HIS DDG-54 Nilek, HIS DDG-926 Lokem, HIS SDDG-724 Silenk, and the DDG-62 Hundier silently glide through the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean, approaching the coast of Tanabon. The crew, not trying to freeze themselves, hid under the deck except for the watchmen. The sea was covered in fog. I was sitting with some seamen, playing cards. I remember it precisely, I had just gotten a royal flush.

Suddenly, a cry rang out, but not from our ship. Then, a loud bang as a ship collided with another. I got up to inspect with the other crew. Some thought that the helmsmen had turned into each other. As he got out, we heard alarms ringing. But,
only one was coming from the direction of a Hardonian crusier.

As the other ships' crew reported to the armories, we knew that something had happened. Something bad. Suddenly, our ship lurched and started to turn. It was going east, back to Hardonius, but it slowly glided around. It activated its stealth drive, moving slower but silently. We watched as sailors and soldiers clashed. The The Sanada Clan and Tanabon troops shot and killed even the surrendering sailors.

We saw the other destroyers and the hostile escort ships bombard each other. Only about 7 minutes after the battle started, it ended. An enemy victory. The Hardonian ships were burning slabs of dead metal and fire. As soon as we knew our men lost, the ship pulled into the fog, disappearing back towards Hardonius.
-With credit to a former RPer, Hardonius, The sanada clan, and Tanabon.

For Diplomatic RP

Be formal, as if you were representing a nation in real life. Also, approach the RP with an attitude to compromise.

Example of good diplomatic RP:


For Self RP
Be as descriptive as possible. You are showcasing your RP skill to the rest of the RMB.

Example of good self RP:

28th of January, 2040.

'What was it, the 100th or more time that she layed on her bed, looking at that ceiling? It seemed never ending, every single minute that she spent like that...'

"No more."

It was a dark night in Königsberg. The city was quiet, but bright. Tiara wandered through it, alone, feeling the cold air of the coastal city hit her face was not a pretty feeling, but she'd bear it. She was underway to the Königsberg Central Station, to take a train to the far-away city of Brandenburg, where she would settle down again. Life in the Imperial Palace, though nice, was too damaging to her own self emotionally to ever be worth it. She knew that she was acting fragile, she knew that people would never understand her reasoning for escaping with a mere backpack and her ID, but she was still going to run away. Königsberg, a city she once loved, was now the last thing she wanted to see. Her walking pace seemed to accelerate every time that a small breeze of cold air passed, though that, to Tiara, was of no importance. She had to get away.

Ten minutes later, she found herself entering the station, and on the line for the last train of the day to Brandenburg. She got a free pass, as she was one of the Kaiserrins of the Rynese Empire, and they were excempt of travel fees such as the ones imposed on the Königsberg-Brandenburg line. Eventually, she entered the passenger car, and sat down alongside the window. It didn't take too long before the train departed, silently at first, before picking up speed. All passenger trains had a maximum speed of 130 kilometers per hour inside of large cities, though it didn't take long before the train could speed up above 270km/h, as she boarded the train on the station closest to the city's end, per se. She grabbed her backpack, opened it, and grabbed a pair of headphones that she bought, as well as a music playing device that could use them. It was time to sleep the way to Brandenburg, so, as there were many small towns on the way there, she hoped that she would get there around 6 in the morning, some 4 and a half hours later. She picked the calmest song out of the ones she had on her device, "Midnight Drive - Instrumental", and not even 10 minutes later, she was fast asleep. The small bumps that the train made as it continued it's fast way down the railroad were of no bother, as the train was designed to supress them as much as possible. She slept well, even people entered and exited the train on the several stops before hers.

At 6:09 in the morning of the 29th of January, Tiara was woken up by one of the crew members, as she had reached the last stop of her journey - Brandenburg Central Station. Located two blocks from the Spee River, it was about as close to the very center of the city as one could locate it. From there, she would need to walk just about 7 blocks to the Brandenburg Palace, where all the political advisors of the Rynese Empire lived, and where she would begin to live too. It was her best bet to stay in power, yet run away from that place that caused her this feeling of emptyness. She was a bit tired, even if she had just slept, but she thought a bit of music would get her going again. "The Mechanix", by SULFUR-7, was her song of choice. A fast, thrashy song about cars and auto repairs. It was SULFUR-7's counterpart to Battery's "The Four Horsemen", which was the next song on her playlist. Eventually, she got off the train, and was now underway to the Brandenburg Palace. Brandenburg, unlike Königsberg, had a very 'flat' city centre. There weren't a lot of skyscrapers or high-rises in the city centre, but there were a lot of parks, museums, and other important builds around that made the city a very good touristic spot, even if it was located on the very middle of the country.

The road infrastructure at Brandenburg was very carefully planned out. Every road flowed perfectly onto the other, so there weren't a lot of street lights to stop the constant flow of cars, except on intersections where people could cross the street. Tiara headed down La Plata Avenue, the very central avenue of Brandenburg, and continued down it for several blocks. The Palace, a tall, classical-style construction, could be seen in the near distance. She wasn't too far away from her new home, so she decided to take a small detour to where the Spee River and the Aperture River merged. It was a nice scenic spot where one could see very far into the cities' far away skyline. After all, Brandenburg was the most populated city of the Rynese Empire. She sat down on a nearby bench, and just watched as the rivers' waves collided with one another, forming one large wave movement down the rest of what was the Plata River.

She was calm. The metal was gone, and she just carefully listened as the waves clashed against one another. The sounds of the cars, people walking by, and the constant chatter and sounds of the city did not bother her, for she was now living.

Without that empty feeling,
Without doubting herself.

It was then, when she said probably one of her most famous lines...

"To Live, one must kill parts of themselves to 'fit in'. However, i do not believe in such pale deaths. To Live, one must Die, but to Die, one must have already lived something that drew them away from fitting in. An endless cycle of living and dying, that i will not follow through with." - She didn't realize it, but when she spoke, everyone around her just payed attention. Her soft, thin voice was able to be heard even if she spoke really lightly, in such a way that it was almost as if she was speaking under her breath.

To Live... Is to Die.
-Credit to Rynese Empire

Have fun and try not to get annexed on your first day.

-Hong Kong Empire

Read factbook