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[Outdated] Ministry of Education- Main Page

This dispatch is no longer being updated.

Ministry of Education
The Noble Thatcherites, Minister of Education


Our Goal

At the Ministry of Education, our job is to

  • Improve the knowledge of the general populace

  • Ensure new nations are well-adapted to the Union before becoming new citizens

The Minister

The Minister of Education, The Noble Thatcherites, is the region's founder and current WA Delegate, and is the head of the Ministry of Education. The Noble Thatcherites is the second Minister of Education.


The Ministry of Education was formed when the Education Act of 2017 was passed. You can read the text of the Education Act here.

The Union College

What is the Union College?

The Union College is an online series of courses so that nations can learn about our Union and NationStates. The Union College is operated by the Minister along with the mentors mentioned below.

Who's the Union College for?

The Union College is for anyone who wants to be well-versed on our Union, including new nations, citizens, non-citizens, government officials, and anyone interested for that matter.

What can I expect from the Union College?

By enrolling, you'll be able to learn about any of the topics we have a curriculum on. It's not mandatory, and isn't grueling but better described as an official way to learn about topics of regional importance.

What courses are offered, and how do they work?

Currently, we offer courses in regional history, politics, government, mentoring, and the armed forces of the UDS, all of which are important courses if you wish to pursue a future in any of those topics.

Where can I find more information about the Union College?

You can find that here, at the Union College's dispatch page.


The Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program is for dedicated citizens who wish to make a difference and help new nations to the Union and NationStates. Mentors are also in charge of teaching and helping create a curriculum for the Union College.


Nations wishing to become a mentor must have a MEC (Ministry of Education Certification) in Mentoring and must be approved/hired by the Minister of Education.

Learn More

You can learn more at the Union College's dispatch, which is here.


General Records

There are no current general records.

Ministry Records and Reports

There are no current special reports.

Press Releases

There are no current press releases.