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The North Pacific RolePlay

The North Pacific Handbook

TL;DR: Join LinkThe North Pacific RolePlay to experience a whole new world!

What is RolePlay?

RolePlay (RP) is essentially a grand story, which can be told from the eyes of a character, a state apparatus, or an omniscient narrator. This story is a cooperative effort that is created by contributions from all members of the RolePlay community. A lot of RolePlaying in the North Pacific focuses on diplomatic relations between other nations in the region and interactions between its governments. Many of these RolePlays center around a few specific people and their interactions.

Why should I join?

RolePlay extends beyond the issue answering and gameplay mechanics of NationStates. It takes place in it's own separate world and allows for more creative thinking and writing. It is through these complexities, that our nations truly come to life.

How do I get started?

There are two official RolePlay communities in The North Pacific: Forum-based Eras, and Regional Message Board-based Strangereal.

To join the Forum-based RolePlay community, you need to create a forum account Linkhere. You can then head on over to the LinkRolePlay forum to get started. You can start off by claiming a spot on the TNP map located Linkhere.

To join the RMB-based RolePlay community, please contact Western Vapia.

Whatever community you choose, you should also join The North Pacific's LinkRolePlay Discord Server so you don't miss out on any of the fun!

What if I still have questions?

A more detailed FAQ for Forum-based RolePlay can be found Linkhere. You can also contact The Notorious Mad Jack, the Lead RolePlay Moderator in Eras, through Private Message (PM) on the forum or on Discord. If you have questions about our RMB-based RolePlay community, you can contact Friently, the Lead RolePlay Moderator for Strangereal.

If you are having difficulties signing up or navigating the forum, contact Minister of Home Affairs New Celoveniortan, or any of the Mentors.

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