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Statement on Affairs in Lazarus

Statement on the Lazarus Coup

Earlier today, Funkadelia, the current delegate of Lazarus announced an unlawful state of emergency on the region. Soon after, he stripped the sitting Vice Delegate, as well as many members of the Lazarene Security Council, of their regional powers and ordered an un-endorsement campaign against them. Multiple individuals were also ejected for the purposes of wiping their endorsements. Subsequently, Funkadelia stated that only he and government officials Evil Wolf (Killer Kitty) and Scum (Lamb Stone), all members of invader group Lone Wolves United, should be endorsed. Furthermore, twenty citizens of Lazarus were indicted for Treason, High Treason, Fraud, and Conspiracy today, in a court case quickly accepted by Justice Evil Wolf. It is also worth noting that as of today, the off-site forum of Lazarus saw changes that resulted in Funkadelia, Evil Wolf, and Lamb Stone being the only Forum Administrators.

This comes off of a week during which the Funkadelia Administration was being consistently accused of voter importation and harboring an outside agenda in the region. With publicly presented evidence of vote importation, a subsequent smear campaign by invaders and imperialists was deployed to attempt to delegitimize the accusations. However, with every day, more and more raider-aligned individuals applied for citizenship in Lazarus as the pressure mounted. While the argument could be made that these are just people trying to "get involved", their post history clearly evidences that the majority of them have done nothing but vote as a bloc since arriving in the region.

The recent coup has been justified through out-of-context logs taken from a server set up by concerned Lazarene citizens to discuss what they could do about Funkadelia's continued erratic nature and clear lack of ethics. Taking choice segments of this and blowing them up into a huge conspiracy, Funkadelia used that as enough justification to both coup the region, just weeks before delegate elections. Spiritus is confident that should these be released in full-context, it would clearly demonstrate the deception of Funkadelia.

Given this gross violation of the law by Funkadelia, The Westron Realms of Spiritus will be immediately terminating relations with his Lazarus regime and sincerely hope to see the region restored to native hands and lawful rule.

Thank You,

Tim Stark, Steward of Spiritus

The Salaxalans, Regent of Spiritus