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The Golden Cuke of War (Award)

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The Golden Cuke of War
... is an Award for the Best Roleplay Character on a Roleplay Event of the Legion of the Cuke.

A Mission of the Legion as optional Contest

The Roleplay Army Legion of the Cuke roleplays Missions in other regions, and also occupations of hosting 'victim regions' as interregional Roleplay events (Roleplay Battle Events).

While the Legion Members can participate in the daily roleplay of the Bar on the Corner, they are the stars of the Missions/Roleplay Battle Events.

Those events are mostly for having fun on an interregional roleplay event but are at the same time a 'roleplay contest'. You can ignore the 'contest' aspect but:

A jury will determine the best roleplayers of the event (maybe by nominating a few and then run a poll in the bar).

What will the winner get?

The Golden Cuke of War, of course... :p

TheVeggyKing doesn't get to know that his mercenary legion keeps on failing and thinks his empire/power is growing after each Event. That's why he promotes the 'heroes' of the battle/missions, and honors them.

That means, the best 'Warrior on the battlefield' will be awarded by the TheVeggyKing in a roleplay manner. Defacto, your nation's name will appear in a Dispatch with other Winners of the award.

If you are an official representative of your home region, your home region will be mentioned as well as the winning region.

Also, we can creat military ranks for Legion Members, (from simple recruits to chief commanders) and award winners get promoted in this ranking system.

Who is the Jury?

The Jury comprises judges selected from

- the Bar on the Corner
- the 'victim region' (region hosting the Roleplay Event)
-and other major participating regions.

Judges will be listed in the Agreement with the hosting region

possible variations and extentions
1. There is even the option that Legion Members try to win the Roleplay contest to bring the award and honor back to their actual home region. This way multiple regions can compete in the interregional Roleplay event by becoming members of the Legion. (Other regions can become co-organizer of the Roleplay Battle Event).

2. Rather on rare occasions: One could even decide to do the battle in form of a poetry slam, or that Roleplay Post have to be in rhyme or haiku form.