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The Legion of the Cuke (Description)

(go to The Legion of the Cuke Project : All the blabla!)

Legion of the Cuke
The Juiciest Roleplay Army of NationStates!

What is the Legion of the Cuke?

It's about pure Roleplay!! No WA nations/endorsements allowed.

The Legion of the Cuke is an interregional community united as a comical Adventure Group/Slapstick Army, which visits other regions in the scope of a roleplay story, upon invitation.

The Legion is meant to be a comical Legion, most members are goofy and totally incompetent for the battlefield.
( Tips/Guidelines for Character Creation)

Visits of other regions are meant to be cultural events organized with the natives of the hosting region. Roleplay background would be a mission or battle of the Legion in the inviting region.

Uuh, and you can win a price! something nice and golden. : )

Roleplay homebase is the bar. Puppet storage of the member characters is Legion of the Cuke.

(We humbly acknowledge that similar ideas were there before. Damn it, I didn't know... ie. check out The Skeleton Army)

How can I join the Legion?

If you wanna join the Legion, you have to found an extra puppet for your character. Move then first this warrior/wizard puppet to The Bar on the corner of every region (or to an embassy region) and present and develop your Character there on the RMB.

The LegionOrg, will decide if you get officially recruited.

The Roleplay will be easy going, so just come come!

However, when we gonna visit other regions with our Legion, it is important that your character follows some rules when participating in the Roleplay.

Why an extra puppet:
Since it is planned that member puppets of the Legion of the Cuke will be used to visit other regions (in the scope of the roleplay story), it would be best to found an extra puppet for your Roleplay character, like Winnie the Wizard (or whatever). Also, if we don't travel with the puppets, we would mainly store them in the region Legion of the Cuke.

Official Legion Members
... can be found here: Official Legion Members

Important Characters of the Legion Roleplay:
TheVeggyKing: The Evil King who corrupted members of the bar to recruit an army for him to lift his curse.

The Chief commander...




TheOrc.... Rumor has it that it was him who made a lucrative deal with TheVeggyKing, making the bar the platform for recruiting mercenaries for the Legion. Now he delegates the cumbersome part of the deal to his employees, while he is enjoying the merits.

Cuke, the founder puppet, is not a Legion member and also not important at all, he is just there and does his job: This old kitchen boy was damned by the bar owner to peel potatoes in the pantry for a lifetime. Don't talk to him, and don't send him telegrams, he can't read and won't respond.

see Roleplay Background story...

The 'LegionOrg' is not a roleplay military rank but refers to those nations in charge to organize the Slapstick Legion Roleplay.

contact the LegionOrg.

Character Dispatch, Home Region, Main Nation:


Each Legion member can create his own Dispatch about his Legion Character, and we will link to it from the Official Legion Members Dispatch, administrated by us.

The Personal Character Dispatch can definitely contain a link to your home region. We would like to mention your home regions and main nations even in the Official Legion Members Despatch.