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The Legion of the Cuke Project: All the blabla!

The most despicable but also the most nutritious and healthy of all evil kings, TheVeggyKing, puts forth his claws and sprouts from a long forgotten realm to bring endless suffering but also a lot of vitamins and fibers to the NationStates World...

An Interregional Roleplay Legion Project:

Legion of the Cuke (region)
Legion of the Cuke (Description)
subtitle: The War on the corner of every region


Motivation for this project was that nations of The Bar on the corner of every region wanted to visit other regions and initiate more interregional events.

This resulted in the Aim to establish an Interregional Slapstick Roleplay Legion which is meant as a roleplay community that visits other regions upon invitation for an Interregional Roleplay Event.

Note, no WA nations and WA endorsements involved!

The name of the Roleplay Army is Legion of the Cuke (Description) and the region Legion of the Cuke (region) is meant as the puppet storage of the Roleplay Legion Members.

Discussion takes place in the Magic Restroom in the Bar on the Corner.

Roleplay Background Story
[i]Once banned by an alliance of mortals and gods from the NationStates reality, the powerful TheVeggyKing, makes use of a loophole in the structure of the universe to reconnect to our dimensions.

However, to be able to lift his curse, he has to regain power over parts of NationStates.

By mischance, this loophole solely allows him to enter the pantry of the bar on the corner.

Deprived of alternatives, TheVeggyKing offered the greediest person in the bar a lucrative deal upon which the barman agrees to help forming a deadly army for him: The Legion of the Cuke.


About Member Nations of the Legion

Our vigorous Veggieness TheVeggyKing is already veggie enough, so you don't have to play a talking pineapple or alike. You still can but you don't have to.

However, your Character should be comical/goofy.

A Mission of the Legion will usually be a total fail, and you should be one of multiple reasons for its fail...

simple examples:

-a huge warrior who cannot see blood, or rather wants to be a poet.
-a wizard whose most dangerous spell is the summoning of a white rabbit.

for more see Tipps for Character Creation

Missions of the Legion as Roleplay Contests
The interregional comical army will be used to visit regions that invite the Legion for Quests or a Roleplay Battle Event.

The Roleplay Battle is a raider-parody-like battle is primarily for having fun and increase interregional activity (No WA nations and endorsements involved).

However, the Roleplay Battle Event (and other Missions of the Legion) will simultaneously be a roleplay contest: A jury of judges will follow the Roleplay on the battlefield and determine/nominate one or two winners of an award for best roleplay.

see Roleplay Award:
The Golden Cuke of War

--> Maybe winners might (choose to) get promoted in the Legion Ranks.

possible variations and extentions
1. There is even the option that Legion Members try to win the Roleplay contest to bring the award and honor back to their actual home region. This way multiple regions can compete in the interregional Roleplay event by becoming members of the Legion. (Other regions can become co-organizer of the Roleplay Battle Event).

2. Rather on rare occasions: One could even decide to do the battle in form of a poetry slam, or that Roleplay Post have to be in rhyme or haiku form.

(1)How to join the Legion and (2) their Missions?

The Roleplay around the Legion has two components:

(1) First you have to make your character join the Legion of the Cuke.
--> Recruitment Roleplay and Daily Roleplay in the Bar

(2) Once you are a Legion member, you have the possibility to officially participate in Missions/Roleplay Battle Events hosted by other regions.
-->Roleplay on the monthly(?) Missions/Roleplay Battle Event in a hosting region

(1)How to Join the Legion?

The Army Region Legion of the Cuke will be password protected.

Legion members will be recruited via the RMB of the Bar on the Corner of Every Region in a roleplay manner.

see Roleplay Background Story above.

Our LegionOrgs will decide who will be allowed to enter the Legion after the examination of the warriors in the bar.

Once your character becomes official member of the Legion, you will get the password for the Legion of the Cuke (which can be reached through the pantry of the bar) and still participate in the daily roleplay in the bar on the corner.

(2)How to join a Mission in other regions?

As official Legion member you have the license to participate in the Interregional quests/battles, which take place every few weeks or month in a region that invites us.

How exactly the Roleplay Mission will take its course, will be clarified in advance between the region hosting the Roleplay Event ('victim region') and our LegionOrg.

For Legion Events in the hosting region, there will be rules regarding upper limits of posts and puppets, and more.

see Rules

You will have to accept those rules before you join the Legion and their Missions.

Potential Settings for Roleplay Missions of the Legion
Standard Settings will be according to the
Roleplay Background Story, see above. So the Legion of the Cuke will attempt to conquer a region for the TheVeggyKing.

However, the Legion could be booked for other missions, too. Ie. for helping the inviting region against another Roleplay attack. Or the Legion simply goes to another region to find/steal a magic item etc.

Ultimately, each hosting region can decide the outcome.

Attacks will get unleashed from the region Legion of the Cuke.

Usually our attacks will terribly fail, and the natives will be victorious.

Our Legion Members will be predominantly incompetent warriors. Or not interested in fighting. The Coordination of the Attack will be really bad, or better the Coordinator (Warchief/King) is the only person on the battlefield who seriously wants to win. etc

Maybe the Roleplay will end always with the Bar on the Corner helping to celebrate the victory of the victorious party. The Bar will sell more drinks!

(Rumor has it, that the army and its attacks are secretly coordinated via the Magic Restroom in the Bar on the corner
; ).

Internal Organization Details etc
TheOrc will found the Army region Legion of the Cuke and probably share the founder with Kissinger-Monroe, if the latter is interested.

I learned that The Skeleton Army has done a very very similar play long before us. We might want to involve them. Maybe have even a (first) battle against them, so that we can learn.

I have almost decided that the name will be Legion of the Cuke. :)
We can still discuss those things. :/
Is a Veggie theme 'cool' enough? Are associations with the word 'cuke' too borderline?

Alternative themes:
-food delivery

Key Jobs regarding this Roleplay:


Job 1. People who really decide if a character can join the Legion of the Cuke."(bartenders as 'LegionOrg' or extra people).

Job 2. People who make agreements about a Mission of the Legion with the hosting region.

Job 3. People/Commanders who coordinate a Missions/Roleplay Battle Event when it takes place.

Job 4. Judges who determine the Winners of the Golden Cuke of War.

Job 5. of course Recruits/Mercenaries joining the Legion.

Job 6. of course People/Bartender continue running the Bar

Job 7. Somebody playing the Evil King (TheVeggyKing). While the role can be kept minimal.

Job 8. TheOrc would probably be the barman corrupted by the TheVeggyKing, but he will anyway delegate the work to recruit for the Legion to his employees. Thus, bartenders or extra 'Legion Chiefs' will take care of Job 1.

Thanks for supporting the project.