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ZDAY 6; Announcement on all speakers in The Principality, from the Minister of Defense

In the name of HRH Queen Kieran Winter and The Temple of the All-Father Odin. Citizens of The Principality, I have been instructed by our Queen to relocate The Principality to AtlanBana07, NeptBana06 and AeroBana10. Please remain calm and proceed to your Military Recruitment Offices, there you will be taken to either one of the Cities. All of your families will be notified of your location.

Her Royal Highness has instructed that The Principality Borders are to be closed in 24hours. To our Fellow Aliens and Dignitaries who reside within The Principality a Military Personnel has already been dispatched to your location, you are to decided there and then whether to remain with The Principality during ZDAY 6 or return to your country of origin.
All Military and Search and Rescue Personal are combing The Principality for all Visitors, you must also decide whether to remain with The Principality or return to your country of origin. Regardless of your decision, the Military Personnel will take you to the airport or to one of the cities.

Those serving life sentences, whether Citizen or Alien you are now as of today, has been enrolled to serve the rest of your incarceration, in the Military. Your life belongs to The Principality.

All Inmates with the Prisons in The Principality, you will be relocated to PRISBana. You will serve the rest of your incarceration, there until ZDay 6 ends.

Scientist and those in the Medical field are required to remain in the Military Recruitment Offices, you will be tasked to find a cure or send to either city to help with the well being of our civilians and Aliens.

When our Queen consulted me and said that I must save The Principality, as I am named after a great Hero in the past. That I must bring calm to the coming storm. I had no doubt that I will not let you, my fellow Bananaaaaa and Alien down. I will lead us to a victory in the coming of ZDay 6. We will survive.

Our Queen, my cousin, has put faith in me, as Odin our All-Father as my witness I will not fail you or our Queen.