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ZDAY 6; [PRISBana [High Maximum Prison, Location: Mount Loki]

It has been 5 hours since the last transmission that was received from the Warden of PRISBana.

"Sir there is no word from PRISBana", said Major Frank

HRH Harald VII Winter looked at his assistance. "What do you mean there is no word from PRISBana!"

He was tasked with saving the Principality, today wasn't looking so good. He had his hands full of Dignitaries request that they are moved to suitable accommodations, to Lifetime inmates accidentally being gun shy, to hippies protesting that Zombies should have rights and now no contact from the High Maximum Prison PRISBana. The inmates that didn't want to serve the Military, was to be sent there.

"Sir, the last report from PRISBana was 5hours ago. They were getting ready for the arrival of the inmates. We have been trying to reach them, but there has been no response."

"Do you understand MAJOR! That there is about 2000 Prison inmates on in its way to PRISBANA! Do you understand what is happening! Contact the Transportation and inform them to return to the capital." said HRH Harald VII Winter,"Send a team to PRISBana to find out why there is no communication."

"Yes Sir." replied Major Frank.