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ZDAY 6; Zombies oh my ....

Alright since ZDAY 6 has come and gone. It is time for Bananaaaaa to update everything.

Here are the major players in Banananaaaaaa; Monarch: HRH Queen Kieran Winter, Prime Minister: Bob V Johan
Vice President: Gollum III Conall, Minister of Defence: HRH Harald VII Winter, Foreign Minister: Major Frank and Princess Grace - has a pet Duck and loves Mermaids, Heir Apparent to the Throne.

Did these key players in the Principality survive? Will there be a name change to the Principality? Will the motto still remain "See Banana, Eat Banana".

ZDAY6 Results;

Bananaaaaa is researching a cure.

People: 137,936,954
Zombies: 0
Dead: 198,034,553
Survival Rate: 41.07%

(due to the editor behind this nation, the final write up of ZDAY6 and ending of ZDAY6 will properly be uploaded either next month. Grammars and spelling have to be done)