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News Brief 11/17/17

Korrodosian Imperial News Service

Imperial Family announces child on the way.

The Imperial Couple, Emperor Rand en Karluth and Empress Taya en Rshev announced today that they are expecting their first child. The happy news has spread through the nation, with spontaneous celebrations sweeping the Empire especially the kingdoms of Karluth and Rshev.

Imperial Navy Announces Interception of Pirate Ship

The Korrodosian Imperial Navy, aiding the Yarldom of Tasserfi Naval Squadron announced yesterday that they have intercepted the pirate vessel responsible for the attacks on several merchant ships including the attack on a cruise ship that killed eight passengers. The Navy announced that the apprehension of the vessel was made possible due to additional patrol frigate assets in the area.

Imperial Air Force Announces ‘Alpha Raptor’ Project

In an unprecedented level of cooperation the Imperial Air Force, the Kingdom of Karluth Air Force and Kingdom of Korrden Air Forces signed a memorandum of understanding today to begin cooperating with an upgrade package for the F-22s in Korrodosian Service. Each Service will provide funding, technical assistance and will receive the new fighters. Additional foreign investment as well as technology searching is expected to begin shortly now the project has formed up.

Rshev Air Force Announces new procurement and reorganization plan

Spurred on by continued growth and recovery the newly reformed Rshev Air Force is beginning its re equipment and reorganization. The plan includes several joint training initiatives as well as the tactical and strategic reorganization along Imperial/Kingdom of Korrden and Karluth lines. These upgrades in equipment and organization will allow the Rshev air force to cooperate better with the other Royal Air Forces as well as enhance its own capability.

The Empire of Korrodos