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News Brief 11/27/17


Isle of Kor
Imperial Naval Command

After several weeks of deliberation the Imperial Naval Command, Imperial War Ministry, Interior Ministry, and Imperial Coast Guard as well as representatives of many Graffdom and Yarldom commands have come to an announcement about the fate of the Imperial Coast Guard.

The internal memo released after the meeting announces the disbandment of several Imperial Commands, the Imperial Coast Guard, Imperial Escort Command and the Imperial Coastal Command. These Commands are seen as superfluous under the new naval strategy outlined last year. The material of these commands will be realigned into the Royal Navies and other territorial commands.

The personnel will remain with the Imperial Navy, and it will allow additional crews to be available for existing ships, as well an increase in other heavier hulls. As expected the debate around the role of the frigate in the navy was heated and passionate.

Grand Admiral Lebedev sums up the debate in the following statement;

“The frigate is the lifeblood of any navy, especially the Korrodosian Navy, it is how we protect our trade, maintain ties with the distant parts of the Empire and influence the great game on the day to day level and are invaluable low intensity conflict. As such, they will continue to be used by the Imperial Navy, but instead of having commands dedicated to escorts and coastal environments these ‘tasks’ will be assigned to the larger Imperial Commands and surplus hulls will be given to the Royal, Graff, and Yarl navies and squadrons as appropriate to maintain the proper presence. The Imperial Navy will also focus more on strategic projection of its forces and stop operating some classes of vessels that are unsuited for this purpose, these hulls also will be transferred to other naval organizations within the Empire. Our strategy going forward will be to improve the quality of the lesser commands, and give them the capability to network, support and up-arm if the need arises for a larger conflict.”

The timeline for implementation announces that by 2020 the Imperial Navy will no longer operate substantial numbers of Corvettes, Escort Carriers, ‘Assault Frigates and Destroyers’, and Diesel Submarines.