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URGENT PARLIAMENT VETO PASSED - Regarding The Principality - World Assembly

In the Name of our King Frank Le Eato, and the Temple of the All Father Odin,
under a new Government led by HRH Prince Harald Winter has passed a debating regarding the return of the Principality to World Assembly.

Our Beloved Queen Kieran Winter late wife of King Frank Le Eato, during ZDAY6. Prior to the event, Her Majesty had expressed interest in having The Principality return to W.A.
The Late Queen had already petitioned Parliament to allow The Principality to rejoin the World Assembly, so in turn strength the relationship that The Principality has with TNP.

Therefore in memory of Her Majesty, on the 4 Mánadag Ŭlir 2017, Parliament passed a Veto to allow The Principality to rejoin the W.A.