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The Islamic Kingdom of Maalemzya [WiP]

The Islamic Kingdom of Maalemzya
L-Islamisriliy d-Maεalemzya

FlagCoat of Arms

Motto: “Peace and prosperity be upon the people.”


Population: 23,121,999 (55th)
-Density: 231/km² (18th)

Capital Ranakary
and largest city: 45°00’N 23°00’W

Official Language: Maalemish

National Languages: Maalemish, English, Arabic, French

Demonym: Maalemzyan

Government: Unitary Islamic absolute monarchy
- King: Saleeh Ist
- Crown Prince: Ray Ist

- Council of Ministers
- Consultative Assembly

- Temporary Government: May 22nd, 2019
- Kingdom: July 3rd, 2027

Land Area: 38610 mile² (108th)
100,000 km²
Water Area: 3,000 km²
Water %: 3

Highest Point: 2,308 m
Lowest Point: -115 m

GDP (nominal): $1.177 trillion (15th)
GDP (nominal) per capita: $50,907 (12th)

Human Development Index (NS Version): 93

Currency: Rayur (ℝ)

Time Zone: UTC-2

Drives on the: right

Calling code: +384

ISO 3166 code: MAA, RM

Internet TLD: .maa


The Islamic Kingdom of Maalemzya commonly called Maalemzya, is a Muslim country located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Maalemzya covers 100,000 square kilometers and has an estimated population of 23,121,999. Maalemzya comprises of 23 counties and 8 duchies.


Maalemzya is a developed country, with a high national GDP of $1.18 trillion. The per capita GDP of $50,907 ranks highly in the world. The economy is fueled by an abundance of natural resources and high productivity, as well as a free market economy that allows business to thrive. Maalemzya ranks poorly in civil rights and political freedom ; this may be due to the religion-based law. Maalemzya does not hold a significant role in international politics currently, however, it is willing to improve its relations by joining several international organizations, including the World Assembly.


The word “Maalemzya” is derived from “Maalem” which is the surname of the founder and current Crown Prince, Ray Maalem. Also, “zya” means “country” in Maalemish.

The standard way to refer to a citizen of Maalemzya is as a "Maalemzyan."




The land area of Maalemzya is 100,000 km². The Great Forests and Prairies spread across Ranakary, Kolye, and parts of Inalyoura and Kabrëwest. A small part of Maalemzya is semiarid, with little deserts such as the Northern Desert and Karmos in the Nordëramalën Duchy and in the Duchy of NywAmerika.
There are two main mountain ranges in Maalemzya: the Southern Mountains, which extend across the Minor Island, reaching altitudes higher than 2,000 m in Sürjabalën and Klaya ; and the Central Mountains, which extend across the Main Island, reaching altitudes higher than 2,000 m in Kabrëwest, Inalyoura, NywAmerika and Sürjabalën.
The highest point in Maalemzya is Mount Eskarpe in Sürjabalën, with a height of 2,308 m. The lowest point is the Great Maalemzyan Mine, in Kabrëwest, with an elevation of −115 m.

Maalemzya has oceanic climate. The average temperature is 13°C ; 25°C in summer, 0°C in winter. The average wind speed is 35 km/h. Maalemzya receives approximately 850 mm of precipitation per year (mainly snow during winter.)



Demography in Maalemzya is very diverse. The population is estimated to be 23,121,999, of whom only 43% are natives while the majority of the population are expatriates.
There are 19,942,460 Maalemzyan citizens. Among the 57% of expatriates, French makes up 14%, 25% are Arab, and another 8% come from the UK or the USA.


Maalemish is the national language. However, only a handful of people speak Maalemish fluently. Therefore, a real effort is made in order to teach people, especially children at school. English is the lingua franca and is required for many jobs. French is also widely spoken. Arabic is the language of religious institutions.


Islam is the largest and the official state religion of Maalemzya with 75% of the population being Muslim. 10% are Christian, 15% other religions. The government follows a policy of tolerance toward other religions and rarely interferes in the activities of non-Muslims. By the same token, non-Muslims are expected to avoid interfering in Islamic religious matters or the Islamic upbringing of Muslims.

Largest Cities



Metro area population











Salas Vegas












Maalemzya is an absolute monarchy. However, the King must comply with Sharia (Islamic law) and the Quran, while the Quran and the Sunnah (the traditions of Muhammad) are declared to be the country's constitution. No political parties or national elections are permitted. Critics regard it as an authoritarian dictatorship.

The King combines legislative, executive, and judicial functions and royal decrees form the basis of the country's legislation. The Crown Prince is the prime minister, and presides over the Council of Ministers of Maalemzya and Consultative Assembly of Maalemzya. Any citizen can submit a law proposal ; it has to be signed by 500,000 other citizens in order to reach the Consultative Assembly. Then, if the majority of the Assembly and the Crown Prince approves it, the law is voted.

Foreign Relations and Military

Maalemzya doesn’t take an active role in the world diplomatic stage. However, it plans to join the World Assembly by August 2028. Maalemzya has been officially neutral in all armed conflicts since its founding, although it clearly states its views regarding international diplomatic issues such as the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Maalemzya has no standing army, but the Maalemzyan Coast Guard which also maintains the Maalemzya Air Defence System.
Maalemzya had an army during the Temporary Government to keep the country stable. Then, the military proved to be a waste of money ; so the budget has been cut off.
Every Maalemzyan citizens have to spend 3 days learning basic military tactics at the age of 18 and may be called to defend their country in case of emergency.


Economic Indicators

Currency: Rayur (ℝ)
Fiscal Year: January 1 - December 31

GDP (nominal): $1.177 trillion
GDP (nominal) per capita: $50,907
Labor Force: 13,873,199
Unemployment: 3%

Maalemzya operates under a system of free market capitalism. The nominal GDP is $1.18 trillion. The private sector is estimated to constitute 84% of the economy, with government accounting for 16%. Unemployment is at 3%, one of the lowest rates in Europe.

Thanks to its location, Maalemzya imposes itself as a relay of the world economy. The United States and The European Union are two of Maalemzya’s top trading partners.

Information technology is currently the nation's largest industry, followed by fishing, tourism industry, and automobile manufacturing. Retail industry and cheese export are other important drivers of the Maalemzyan economy.


Maalemzyan culture is based on Arabian culture and has been influenced by the cultures of Europe, especially France. Arabian and French architecture is part of the expression of the local Maalemzyan identity. European influence on Maalemzyan culture is noticeably visible in Maalemzyan architecture and fine art. For example, the Ranakary Grand Mosque – the biggest in the country – has a very distinctive and futuristic design. This influence is derived from the origins of the Founding Family.
Maalemzya has a diverse society. Major holidays in Maalemzya include Eid al Fitr – which marks the end of Ramadan, – Eid al Adha, and National Day (3 July), which marks the formation of Maalemzya.

Maalemzyan cuisine is rich and diverse. It offers a variety of dishes, depending on the region and according to the seasons. The cuisine uses cereals as the main products, since they are always produced with abundance in the country.
Maalemzyan cuisine varies from one region to another, according to seasonal vegetables. It can be prepared using meat, fish and vegetables. Among the dishes known, couscous, chorba, chakhchoukha, brik, etc. Merguez sausage is widely used in Maalemzya, but it differs, depending on the region and on the added spices.
Cakes are marketed and can be found in cities either in Maalemzya, in Europe or North America. However, traditional cakes are also made at home, following the habits and customs of each family. Among these cakes, there are baklawa, corne de gazelle, griwech, kalb el-louz, makrout, khfaf and zlabia. Maalemzyan pastry also contains French cakes.

Playing cards, checkers and chess games are part of Maalemzyan culture. Horse and auto racing are part of cultural recreation of the Maalemzyans.
Football is the most popular sport in Maalemzya. The Maalemzya national football team reached the Final of the 2026 FIFA World Cup. In addition, several football clubs have won continental and international trophies as the club FC Ranakary or CS Klaya. The Maalemzyan Football Federation is an association of Maalemzya football clubs organizing national competitions and international matches of the selection of Maalemzya national football team.


The main means of transport in Maalemzya is the car. Cars can drive freely on the 210,851 km of road. Electric cars make up more than 58% of the total traffic. The most famous road is the Great Coastal Ring which circles the main island.

There are bus, rail, and subway systems in the 5 metropolis. The Ranakary Monorail System is the fastest metro system in Europe. The busiest airports in Maalemzya are Ranakary International Airport and Klaya International Airport.

Renewable sources—geothermal and hydropower—provide effectively all of Maalemzya's electricity and around 85% of the nation's total primary energy consumption, with most of the remainder consisting of imported oil products used in transportation. Maalemzya expects to be energy-independent by 2040, when all gasoline and diesel powered vehicles are banned.

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