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The World Assembly and Endorsements: Why Should I Care?



The World Assembly and Endorsements:
Why Should I Care?

Joining the WA and endorsing other nations has a number of advantages, some of which are of high importance to the region as a whole. By joining the WA and actively endorsing others in the region, especially the delegate and CRS, you:
  • can 'endotart' and endorse your fellow South Pacificans (which is fun) and gain endorsements and therefore influence (which protects you from ejection from the region) yourself;

  • help strengthen our regional security;

  • can vote in our Delegate and Local Council elections;

  • can vote on resolutions in the World Assembly (and with two endorsements, can begin to propose them, too);

  • increase the power and influence of our delegate’s vote in the World Assembly (and thus, of the region);

  • can support the military of the South Pacific (the South Pacific Special Forces) in times of need or to aid our allies (or just join them for the fun!)

You can read on for more detailed information.

How do I join?

Joining the World Assembly is easy.
  • Click on the 'World Assembly' tab to visit the World Assembly page;

  • Click on 'Join' near the top of the page;

  • Click on the link in the validation e-mail the WA sends you to finish joining. You must do this or you won't be admitted as a member.

  • You are now a member of the WA!

  • Start endorsing the delegate and the CRS.

  • Endotart your way to fame!

⚠️Please note, players are only permitted to have one nation in the WA at any one time. Failure to obey this rule may result in a temporary or even permanent ban from WA membership by the NS mods!⚠️
Pro-tip: If you use the same e-mail address for all your nations the game will prevent you from doing this by accident!

What is the World Assembly?

The World Assembly (WA) is NationStates' answer to the UN, indeed it was even called the UN, to begin with, and that's still visible in the URL for its main page.

Nations that join the World Assembly get to vote on resolutions made in either the General Assembly (GA) or the Security Council (SC). GA resolutions serve as international laws or agreements and will affect the stats of any nation that is a member of the WA, albeit very minutely. SC resolutions mostly serve the so-called Gameplay community, mainly those who engage in raiding and defending regions (more on this later), or foreign affairs between regions. These can be resolutions to commend or condemn a nation or region (which is basically just a badge) or to liberate a region which has been raided and locked-down by the raiding force.

Being a member of the WA also allows you to endorse other WA members in your region and this opens up whole other avenues of gameplay.

What are endorsements?

On the surface, endorsements are a small sign of recognition from one WA member to another in the same region. Many players give them out to nations they admire or who share similar politics or outlook. Endorsements come with gameplay mechanics, however, and so there is more to them than meets the eye.

Firstly, and most obviously, the nation which receives the most endorsements in their region automatically becomes the WA delegate of that region. In some regions, the delegate is only decided by who can amass the most endorsements, whilst in others, like the South Pacific, the delegate is elected democratically, then elevated to the position through endorsements.

The delegate is de facto the most powerful position in most regions, especially if they do not have an active founder. Delegates can vote on proposals in the WA, putting them one step towards being resolutions, and can vote on resolutions with the additional voting power of each of their endorsements. The more endorsements a delegate has, therefore, the more influential they can be in any given WA vote.

Within a region, the delegate can have all the various powers over communications, border control, etc. as well as being able to appoint other regional officers with some or all of those powers.

Endorsements have other effects, too, however, including setting a base limit before a nation is allowed to make a proposal in the GA or SC (minimum 2 endorsements) and increasing both the amount of influence a nation can gain in any region and the rate at which that influence increases.

What is influence?

Influence is a stat which increases over time as a nation resides within a region, up to a certain cap. The more endorsements a nation has, the faster the influence rises, and the higher that cap is. For example, a non-WA nation waiting for over 5 years will eventually reach its influence cap of 4,015 SPDR, while a nation with 100 endorsements can accrue nearly 40,000 within half a year. Of course, to keep that influence, that nation needs to stay at such an endorsement count, otherwise the influence slowly decays again.

Why does influence matter?

Influence matters because it affects regional security. Nations with the border control power, such as the delegate, or someone the delegate appoints to have that power, can eject or even ban nations from the region, but only at a cost to their influence proportional to the influence score of the ejected nation. A border control officer with a large number of endorsements and therefore high influence will be able successfully to ban more nations from the region than an officer with low influence. Equally, a nation with high influence will be harder to eject or ban than one with low influence. By definition, non-WA nations will have relatively low influence.

Nations which partake in military gameplay, raiding and defending regions, rely on influence to keep invading puppets safe from ejection (by first whittling down the influence of regional officers), or to remove invaders (by expending influence to ban them). Regions which want to remain safe from raiders are advised to keep a number of high influence nations at the ready to ban suspected security threats and to keep their delegate on a hard-to-reach number of endorsements so that it is not easy for invading nations to amass enough endorsements to overthrow them before they are themselves ejected.

What is 'Endotarting'?

'Endotarting' is the common NS slang word term for endorsing other nations in order to receive endorsements yourself. NS militaries do it all the time in order to raid or defend regions, but it's also needed domestically for folk like the delegate and CRS to stay on top with high influence, and for nations below the endorsement cap to keep their influence as high as possible as well.

How do I 'Endotart'?

Endotarting is actually very easy. At its most basic, all you have to do is endorse other nations and the majority will endorse you back without you having to do anything else. There are two easy ways to find nations to endorse:

If you're really serious about endotarting, however, there are things you can do which can make a big difference:
  • Send endotarting telegrams - this means sending a polite telegram to each nation you endorse, asking if they would endorse you back. This increases the number of nations who will return your endorsements. I recommend having a copy and past telegram to us for this, so it isn't too time consuming. You can also send a template telegram to 'tag:template' and then just use the code you get sent each time you want to send a telegram with that template.

  • Use LinkNSBreeze - this is a browser extension that allows you to do things like endorse nations with keyboard shortcuts, dramatically reducing the time it takes to endorse hundreds of nations. Just press 'E' when on a nation's page to endorse them! There are other scripts ad browser extensions available, but please be aware that some of these are against NS site rules and coud result in a ban.

⚠️Please note: Our region has an endorsement cap for security reasons, which only the delegate and CRS are allowed to exceed. If you go over this cap you will be contacted by the CRS and asked to lower your endorsement count, so, by all means, endotart up to the cap (indeed, we encourage this) but try not to go over.⚠️

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