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[DRAFT] The Constitution of the Order

Article I: The Clean Slate
a. Hereby abolishes all articles and amendments to the previous constitution (see here)
b. Hereby abolishes all previous legislation created during the Golden Era & Platinum Era Governments
b1. Defines the Golden Era as the 1st February 2016 - 1st September 2016
b2. Defines the Platinum Era as the 10th December 2016 - 25th December 2017
c. Affirming the Constitution until amended otherwise, states this period of time to be the Caesium Era in expectancy of turbulence

Article II: The Head of State
a. Acknowledging the Head of State as the Tsar of the Region
a1. Defining the Tsar as the Founder of the Order
b. Hereby is granted purely ceremonial power in the absence of legislation or authority to do so
b1. Defines such authority as emergency powers granted and rescinded by the presiding Chancellor
b2. Defines emergency powers as equal authority to the Chancellor
c. Grants the authority to the Tsar to temporarily appoint a regent
c1. Defining a Regent as a person to temporarily take over the Tsar's roles in an pre-announced absence
c2. Affirms the presiding regent is subject to same restrictions and conditions as the Tsar

Article III: The Chancellor
a. Acknowledging the Chancellor as the representative of the people
b. Affirming that the Chancellor has full authority of the region
c. Stating that elections are to take place on the 30th day every three months
c1. Stating that elections are on a first-past-the-post-system
c2. States that election polls are to last for 3 days only, and that violations are to be considered void
d. Affirming the public can impeach the presiding chancellor if a public poll gains a two thirds majority
d1. Stating if the Chancellor is impeached, the Tsar is to decide whether the Vice is elevated or a new election occurs
e. Stating that the nation with second most votes becomes the Vice Chancellor
e1. Defines the Vice Chancellor as the Chancellors assistant in running the region
e2. States that in the Chancellor's absence the Vice Chancellor is granted his authority temporarily
f. Permits the Chancellor to form a cabinet of ministers

Article IV: Legislation
a. Affirms that all legislation is legal unless it defies the Constitution
a1. Defines legislation as the law that keeps the region in order
b. States that the law is created by the Chancellor and put to vote
b1. States that such legislation is only law if the public reach a 50% majority over the opposition
b2. Affirms the Vice can poll such law with permission of the Chancellor
c. Permits the Chancellor to create unpolled executive orders
c1. Permits the Vice to repeal such executive orders

Article V: Rights and Duties of the Public
a. States that the following rights of the people are inalienable
b. States that free speech is permitted and must not be suppressed
b1. Defines free speech as any message in the RMB, Forums or Discord
b2. Excludes from that definition spam, raider tags or posts by designated hostile regions
c. States that citizens may not be ejected from the region unless convicted of a crime requiring such punishment
c1. Excludes from this definition non-citizens
c2. Defines OSN Citizen as a nation that has resided in the Order for 30 days, and/or is on the regional Map
c3. Affirms that the 'innocent until proven guilty' doctrine is to be maintained
d. Affirms though they are encouraged to, citizens cannot be forced to vote in any poll
e. States it is all nations duty to defend the region
e1. States that such duties are optional, but encouraged
e2. Maintains that examples of such are displayed by a designated member appointed by the Chancellor

Article VI: Justice
a. States that trial is mandatory before inflicting a punishment
b. States that a trial is to be presided over by the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and a designated official
b1. States that if such is unavailable, the Tsar is to preside over in place
b2. States that if 2 or more are absent, that citizens may be called in
c. States that a trial consists of assessing whether a person has violated the law
d. Permits outside individuals to submit evidence on either Discord DM or by Telegram
d1. Asks that such be given privately, in order to maintain the Court's Doctrine

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