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1. DEN


Regional Flag

Founded: Feb 27, 2004

Ended: April 2nd, 2016


"History will record the DEN as the most notorious, well-organized,
and well-disciplined raider army ever to grace the battlefield."

- General Colin Powell

DEN was founded on February 27, 2004, by Gen collin powell following his leadership of Solarius' Army, which was aligned as a defender military. Within a short amount of time, DEN would see it's first victory over the region 2 Miles Past Nowhere. Following this victory, an everlasting rivalry had been born between TITO (Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization) and DEN. The military had gone through a number of leadership changes, as well as several movements through operational bases such as DEN, DEN II, The DEN, and The DEN HQ. It had steadily become the top raider organization in the game, but met an unfortunate end on April 2, 2016 following the moderation actions taken in light of the predator script scandal. The former soldiers of the final iteration of DEN split up in several directions, some going to Hydra Command, The Black Devils, Auralia, Grand Central, and The Black Hawks.

The Solarius Army: DEN's Prehistory

Before the foundation of DEN, Gen Collin Powell had began his military career in the region of Solarius as the nations Florence marie and New florence marie. He had been put in charge of recruiting and leading the region's defender military, The Solarius Army, which had grew to nearly 250 nations in the UN. He also had played a role in the creation of the region's intelligence network, the Solarius Intelligence System, or SIS for short.

Solarius had been actively at war with the raider organizations Hades and Diablos from 2003-2004, and through the infiltration perpetuated by SIS, both had been destroyed. Prior to the destruction of the two regions, however, Hades and Diablos were two of the most feared raider organizations in existence at the time. While the two orgs were lead by their field commander, Shinkage makoto, Their reputation was came about through the cunning strategies employed by the feared raider Asgarn. SIS had initiated their infiltration primarily to learn more about Asgarn's successful tactics. During this time, SIS had been able to thwart a number of the raids lead by Hades and Diablos, however, they were unable to prevent the takeover of their central region of Solarius Prime. Following the seizure of Solarius Prime, The Solarius Army began to transition into a more active and offensive role which would eventually lead them to violating Solarius' law when they had began carrying out stealth raids in neutral regions. This had been done as a means to train the soldiers in preparation of an aggressive war against Hades and Diablos. However, Gen. Powell would later be rebuked for violation of the regional law, namely, in conducting secret operations in the region of Mount Arden without prior permission to do so. Following this, Gen. Powell would go on to found DEN on February 27, 2004.

Had it not been for the successful tactics employed by Asgarn used to take over Solarius Prime, DEN may have never been born, and Gen. Powell may have continued his military career as a defender. Because of this, he attributes Asgarn as the principle player behind the creation of DEN. Interestingly enough, there were at least two other nations from the Solarius army who followed Gen. Powell to DEN, Oddinary and New dnuoser, who had both been officers in the Solarius Army.

The Successes of DEN

Following his dismissal from leadership of The Solarius Army, Gen collin powell founded the region of DEN on February 27, 2004. The region was to follow up on the recent successes he had prior in The Solarius and had thus intended to form a new military with a much more aggressive and offensive orientation. DEN had been organized by Gen Powell with the pitfalls of Solarius, Hades, and Diablos in mind. As such, a system of rotating leadership and command was developed, leadership opportunities were made available to platoon leaders, and the strategic use of media to promote the organization was created, which would become a popular staple in today's orgs, both those aligned as raider and those aligned as defender.

DEN's first victory occurred in the region of 2 Miles Past Nowhere, not Furry, as had been widely reported. Furry had been DEN's second victory. The responding defender organizations included The Rejected Realms Army (RRA) and 10000 Islands Treaty Organization (TITO.) The operation had marked the beginning of the feud between DEN and 10K, in as much as TITO was highly-critical of our growing organization during the raid. The relationship between DEN and TITO had soured ever since, and became all-out war following Founder Grub's deletion at the hands of Gen martian city-states and the DEN Intelligence Service. 10K had been DEN's sworn enemy region, and would continue to be such until DEN met its end on April 2nd 2016.

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Leaders of DEN

The following is a list of all known former Field Commanders of DEN:

1. Colin powell
2. Asgarn
3. Steve owen
4. Der kommiser
5. Martian city-states
6. The new den or general tommy franks
7. Grippsholm or the red factions
8. Flamulon
9. Weeshnaw
10. Belgium fighters
11. Weesnaw
12. Jargongrad
13. Of crazed
14. Meridianland
15. Groznia
16. Of crazed
17. The guerrilla lands
18. Infinite vengeance
19. Of crazed
20. Attitude 910
21. General tommy franks
22. Free noldor states
23. Sunrawr
24. Gest

Flags of DEN



Private (PVT)

Private First-class (PFC)

Corporal (CPL)

Sergeant (SGT)

Lieutenant (LT)

Captain (CPT)

Major (MAJ)

Colonel (COL)

Brigadier (BRIG)

General (GEN)

Field Marshal (FM)

Stories From Former DEN Solders

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The Predator Scandal Explained

On Friday, March 18, 2016, it was announced that the update tool known as Predator (popular amongst many raiders) violated the rate limitation and user agent script rules, making it's use a breach of site rules. As stated by Tech Modling Eluvatar, Predator, "not only breaks site rules, but appears to be explicitly designed to do so."

Briefly after the announcement, the ex-player known as Cora III openly admitted to being aware that the tool was in breach of site rules. Shortly after this, Cora was declared Delete on Sight, meaning that any nation he attempts to create will now be deleted, effectively banning him from the site. This response should convey just how serious this matter is.

Predator' Functions:

Like many other scripts, Predator is designed to provide its user with estimated update times, allowing for more precise jumping, meaning that it makes it easier to both raid/liberate a region without allowing interference from the delegate, regional officers or third parties, and raid/liberate multiple regions per update.

There are many update tools, such as Friar Tuck's and ELITE, that do the similar function to Predator, but are perfectly legal. What separates Predator from other scripts is not its function, but the speed with which it extracts information from the site, allowing its users to have infinitely more accurate update time predictions. The function that allows it to garner such accurate data is exactly what makes it illegal.

Another aspect of Predator that makes it illegal is that in order to use it, a player must be able to connect to the personal server of the DOS player known as Halcones (the founder of The Black Riders). In order to gain access to this server a player most contact a banned player to request access to the script.

Predator's History:

Designed by Halcones, Predator was introduced to gameplay between late 2013 and early 2014. It was used as the main script of the now defunct raider group known as The Black Riders. In April 2015, Halcones was declared Delete on Sight for the use of an illegal recruitment script, and The Black Riders was dissolved, with many members moving to the region known as DEN.

Due to its superiority to all other update tools, Predator continued to be the standard script used by DEN. After several months, DEN began distributing the tool known as ELITE, which was not as accurate, but was easier to use for those unfamiliar with scripts.

Despite it not being the official update tool of DEN any longer, many older raiders continued to use Predator. While DEN has not pushed for new players to use Predator for months, it made no official attempt to ban it, or even discourage it's use, despite the fact that it was know that the tool had been written by a player who was DOSed for using illegal scripts.

Unfortunately, over the past 2 months there has been a resurgence in the use of Predator, as a very successful, but unauthorized, recruitment campaign had brought in a wave of new raiders in DEN. The script was praised by the player known as Cora, whom many of these young raiders saw as a trustworthy superior (despite the fact that he was formally banned from DEN, TBH, and nearly every other raider organization), and was distributed to them by Halcones, who despite his DOS status, was still an active member of the "Cimmerian Raid Chat", a mercenary organization that had heavy cross membership with DEN. Many DEN officials were aware of this, but did nothing to stop what was clearly suspicious behavior.

On Friday, March 18, 2016, Predator was declared illegal, after a moderator investigation that spanned the course of several days, and on April 2nd, 2016, punishments had been dished out by the Admins as seen here. Along with a number of WA bans, DEATs, and the implementation of two DoS statuses, the regions of DEN, The Black Riders, and Cimmeria were deleted and are now permanently prohibited regions. All residents of these regions found themselves in The Rejected Realms, and many were shocked to find their main nations deleted in light of the punishments. This was truly one of the most notable events to have ever occurred on the site.

It is important to note that:

- Only a small percentage of the members of DEN have used Predator before. However, while not all of DEN is guilty of using an illegal script, it is guilty of doing nothing to stop it's use.

- A majority of the players who used Predator were not aware that the script was illegal. Many of them were young raiders who were taken advantage of by a player they trusted, who has admitted to knowing all along that the script was not compliant with site rules.

-In total, there were between 14 and 18 players who had access to Predator, a few of whom have never used it before. However, many players who have participated in DEN tag raids over the past few months has likely been the unwitting participant in a Predator triggered raid.

-The use of Predator was not isolated to DEN, as it is known to be used by individual players from several other organizations. However, DEN is the only organization that has at any time openly advocated for it's use.

-Several defenders have stated that they gained access to a copy of Predator's source code in order to go over and check it for illegalities. Their investigation found nothing worthy of Moderator attention, meaning that the argument that the raiders who were unaware of the script's illegal functions should have checked it is faulty. It took the admins of the site several days to determine that the script was illegal, meaning that assuming a player could do so unjustified.

-However, the fact of the matter is that DEN was aware that in order to gain access to the script, a player needed to ask a DOS player, who was banned for illegal scripts, if they could use the script that they had written. It doesn't take a brain scientist or rocket surgeon to figure out that why the assumption of legality was incredibly stupid.

-DEN has never used Predator to launch an occupation. It is exclusively a tool used for tag raiding.

DEN: Where are they now?

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The Archives

The Official Recruitment Telegram


First of all, allow me to welcome you to NationStates, a fascinating game in various aspects whether you like managing national affairs, roleplaying, or if you're interested in a military.

My name is Sentinel Optik, a Private First Class and military recruiter of the DEN army. We've been looking for talented, prospective recruits, and you look just like one!

So what is DEN?

The military of DEN has existed in various forms across NationStates for over ten years. We continue to strive to live up to the name of the most infamous raiding organization to have ever existed.

Military? I thought "war" doesn't exist in this game...

DEN participates in the invader aspect of NationStates, which is where we conquer other regions.

But I don't know how yet?

The keyword there is "yet". DEN is home to some of the most talented individuals on NationStates and we will be more than happy to mentor you. Do remember that we were once you, a new nation with no idea how to raid, until we enlisted in the DEN army.

You can find a quick guide on how to enlist by clicking here.
You can also find the DEN ranks and flags by clicking here.

As General Colin Powell once said over a decade ago:
"History will record the DEN as the most notorious, well-organized and well-disciplined raider army ever to grace the battlefield."

Enlist today! Feel free to telegram me back if you have any questions.

In solidarity,

Private First Class Sentinel Optik of DEN

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