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1. The Pacific

The Pacific

Regional Flag

Founded: Antiquity

Ended: N/A

The Pacific

"Tyranny has been deposed. Let a new era of peace, freedom, and justice for the Pacific be rung in."
- Francos Spain

The Pacific, commonly referred to as Pacifica by its members, is the first of five Feeder regions created by NationStates administrator [violet] upon the game’s founding in earlier 2003. It serves as a founding ground for newly created nations and has been under the direction of the New Pacific Order (NPO) — and its variations — for over ten years.

The current New Pacific Order presents itself as a meritocracy, rewarding loyal and hard-working individuals to serve as its leading officials. Serving as the most senior official, the Emperor exercises total authority over regional affairs and is responsible for maintaining the in-game delegate seat, representing Pacificans in the World Assembly. Directly below the Emperor, a Regent is selected amongst Senate members to serve at the Emperors discretion and represent him or her in their absents. The Senate, ranted below the Emperor and Regent in authority, is composed of individuals that have been promoted personally by the Emperor to serve as advisors and head certain regional affairs. Below the Senate, there are a number of departments, such as the Praetorian Guard, the Pacific News Network (PNN) etc. with their respected community leaders and members that contribute to department causes. All Pacificans, both in-game and forum based, must adhere to the Civil Code, a set of laws that help maintain community standards and security from which the justice department operates.

For further information regarding the regional government and Civil Code, please see the Pacifican Articles and Civil Code.


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