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The WA Council of Auralia

The Idea of the Council and arguments for it

The Council will be formed of nations who are not interested in raiding, with a limit of 11 nations, including the Delegate.

The first members will be the first 11 nations in the WA not interested in raiding. The Delegate will be elected in the same way, but will serve a term of 3 months until elections are held again. A Council member cannot have more endorsements than the Delegate. The Council will hold elections for new members every 2 months and the members will be chosen this way:
-The 10 nations with the most endorsements who have fewer votes than the Delegate.

The role of the Council is to discuss WA Resolutions and represent the region in a democratic way.

The Nations who are not members of the council but do not want to raid shall hold the power to elect the WA Delegate during election times and be elected as members of the council.