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Things you can do if you’re bored in NS 2: Electric Boogaloo

This list was originally by Captain spam, but has since passed. I will continue his list.

1. Make puppets and stuff poll ballots.
2. Make dispatches about what you can do in NS
3. upvote this dispatch
4. Play that one cool nationstates vs cards thingy game
5. condemn the black hawks again
6. Try to endorse as many people as you can in one hour
7. Found a region with a puppet and then “raid” it with your region’s military
8. Argue with other people about the best way to ship a dinosaur in a cardboard box
9. Make fun of people in your region for being inactive and then ban them for arguing with you
10. Dismiss all officers and remove the delegate’s power and become a really really unfair tyrannical ruler.
11. Challenge other people
12. Gain the trust of a really large region, then close all embassies.
13. Try to make the most embassies possible and make all your embassies regions think they’re special but really they’re not
14. Make a puppet, and go to the north pacific and demand that you are made an officer there
15. Read people’s dispatches and downvote them all because mine is superior!!!!
16. Avoid the wrath of the mods
17. Eat the south pacific
18. Refound an embarrasing region that no one wanted to be refounded
19. Found a region with a puppet, request embassies with a region that has a lot of embassies, then once someone accepts, ban him and abort construction of embassies.
20. Get more embassies than the dank meme alliance then laugh at them for being bad
21. Try to take over the rejected realms with a single WA nation. It’s hard to do.
22. Mourn spam founder’s loss. R.I.P.
23. Get Paradime to post on your RMB and then ban him and laugh
24. Create a really big and awesome region like spam, then become god
25. Become god regardless
26. Appease the mods
27. Build a memorial to max barry
29. Make a puppet that is similarly named to a really big and important nation, such as “captain spam puppet” to really get on their nerves.
30. Deny the existamce of god in a really religious region then watch them get triggered, or do the same with a secular region and watch them worship you.
32. Cry because the bar on the corner of every region closed their embassy with you
33. Cry some more because Spam founder is dead
34. Raid a warzone and then establish a communist regime there based on the mickey mouse club house. Or do that with the rejected realms.
35. Insult captain spam because within 9 hours his autistic factbook reached 5th on the dispatch ranking but then he dabs on you because youre just a hater and then the whole universe explodes
36. Make a really bad joke and laugh at the normies who think it’s funny
37. Click the refresh button on this page over and over again so this dispatch seems like it has a lot of reads.
38. Make puppets and upvote your own dispatches
39. Get off your computer, go outside, and stop playing NS for a while
40. NAH. Don’t do that.
41. Take so much time reading this factbook that you didn’t realize that i skipped the number 31.
42. Build up other people’s new regions.
43. Tear them down again because they trusted you too much! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
44. Or don’t do that that’s kinda mean instead just tear down your own region because you are lonely and no one cares.
45. Look at your clock and realize it is midnight…but keep on playing because you haven’t raided the West Pacific.
46. (Telegram me if you really want to know number 31)
47. Shun the non-believers (if you’re an atheist, shun the believers, i guess...)
48. Run out of ideas on what to put in this factbook
49. Stare at the NS home screen while the website server is shut down
50. Make a region composed entirely of your puppets and accidentally raid one of the regions you founded or one of the regions you are in or The Black Hawks.
51. Make a fake knockoff version puppet of some big nation.
52. Make a knockoff puppet of that puppet.
54. Move all your puppets to Graveyard AND WATCH THEM DIE!!!!!
55: Cry because Captain spam is dead
56: Mourn the loss of Spam
57: Dab on The Pacific
58: Pin this dispatch to your region over and over.
59: Spam this factbook in every region you can then get all your posts suppressed by the mods
60: Binge watch every anime ever
61: Wait don’t do that that might not be healthy
62: But who cares about their health
63: Argue about what is a snake bear on the RMB

I am currently accepting suggestions for this factbook. Telegram me if you have some.

The frogs republic of kekistan