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Christian Bale? I thought his name was Doubles Guy.

Ah, feels good to give the puppets a burst of life. I was suprised I only lost one, and it was the last one I made.

Doubles Guy. Ok.

ur mom is a double guy

You know what really pisses me off? People who get hysterical over storms and then get mad cause you are not hysterical with them.

You know what pissed me off? People!

Oh and the FA also piss me off!

Heaven hieghts

School pisses me off. Especially how they wont let underclassmen into higher level classes even though they'd probably do better there, and how they cut language classes and now have to put up with cruddy online courses.

Rant over.

Know what I hate? Stupid connection devices that require drivers that they dont come with right off the bat. How I am I supposed to download a driver for a device if the internet isnt working? Answer me that! ....Aggrevated MH is Aggrevated.

Good...Use your aggressive feelings, let the hate flow through you!

*cackles evilly*

Darth MH is on the scene!

I hate that I haven't won anything in Roll up the Rim yet. I've bought 6'd think I'd win already...
( hate party ova heeeyaaaah )

Hey I think that we now have the option to delete regional message board posts...

Although it could just be my droid telling me something that isn't true. Either way I don't care enough to try.

Things just get better. Now I can't stop vomiting and I have the shakes and a rash. My life is oh so great.

Sounds like an amazing life, though I would get checked out Adapt.

Yeah don't be stubborn like I was with this flu thing I've still got.

Also damnit come on may get here already I am ready to go to mexico right now.

Because my GP's office is in a deprived (ethnic minority) area, the waiting time to see a GP is almost 3 months. And going to the Walk in Center at the nearest hospital means sitting for 9 hours in a waiting room, and thats just a piss take. Oh the joys of the NHS in the north east.

Heaven hieghts

It hurts to sneeze. And does anybody else have a larger font size when typing things up?

Whats with all the Bionicle crap on the forums? It's like theres a new "would you use this toa in your military" every hour.

It's a phase. I'm honestly suprised we haven't seen more Dead Space and another flood of Helghast/ISA clones scrubing around making everyone else look bad.


What the hell? I've never seen any of that in forums. I didn't even realise it was still about. It's always looked pretty awful.

There's Helghast soldiers under every rock, Voc. If you look, virtually every fascist nation has those as its soldiers. I suppose it's probably better than having SS photos with different names.

Oh, yeah. I'm also having a larger font-size than I ordinarily would have.

It is weird.

And when you post on the RMB, it takes you to a different page and back.

It was...


Tag... You're the only thing that beautiful to me! ;)

In before "WHY CAN'T I QUIT YOU TAG!?".



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