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Heaven hieghts

We love your health too man, and I'm sorry if I've seemed a bit insensitive about you're being sick, I get weird about things like that for various reasons. I do hope you'll be doing better.

I should be fine. I feel rather obliged to update you guys here. Maybe because out of everyone in my life, the people I know from NS seem to be the most damned concerning and down to earth. People here just, make life livable.

Awwwe. I wish I was more friendly but I just don't have the time. Work takes up so much...


Since when have regions been able to do that?

It used to be a thing purely for off-site forums.

Just had an interesting time on New Vegas. Just killed all the Kings, and the Van Graffs. Whoops. Although storming the Kings with the Plasma Caster was just as satisfying as destroying Megaton in Fallout 3.

I kept the kings alive since while they are annoying elvis greasers, they work to make things better.

Also I loved cassidy too much to let her die in a hail of plasma fire so I stealthed into the silver rush and planted grenades on everyone.

And while new vegas has a better story I just prefer fallout 3.

All members in Europa are more than welcome to participate : viewtopic.php?f=5&t=101461

Heaven hieghts

Wooooh! Dont have to be in school until 1030!

By that I have to assume you live on the west coast, hh. Since it's after twelve here.

Running a risk since I technically don't get a lunchbreak (they count eating with the kids as lunch) but I am so hungry that I'm having food run out to me.

I was still in bed at half ten this morning...

Dayoff, glorious dayoff tomorrow..err later today as it's ehm..3:45am here

I can't believe I have another day of work ahead of me.

Longest week ever.

Oh, well.

TFIF and all.

Heaven hieghts

I though I'd said I live on the west coast?

MH, may I ask why you'd be up at such an ungodly hour?

I hate kids... I hate hospitals... I hate Facebook... I hate Machinima... I hate unemployment.... I hate people at the Job Center.... I hate my health.... I want a f*cking pint! And a huge Nando's!

Sorry mild rant over.

How biased are Game reviewers these days. namely Machinima, not to mention racist. Totally bum the f*ck out of Halo and CoD. You know life is bigger then those. And it's alway there opinion is best. F*ck, plus there so US orientated, even though half of their viewers are foreign. Actually, i'm mostly talking about Inside Gaming.

I think i'll stick with IGN news.

Second rant over.

I'm pretty much the only reviewer you can trust, adaptus because I'm not being paid to write good reviews for popular franchises.

I'm more like yahtzee only I'm being honest and not negative for the sake of humor.

I have to go do something. Be back soon.

I could never guess what you are doing, especially since you are a WA nation.

And what the hell does "non-executive" mean!?

Heaven hieghts

I was wondering the same...

Hover your mouse over the text and it tells you. :P

Means that the Founder hasn't given administrative power to the delegate.

Heaven hieghts

Got stand out in the rain for twenty minootas for a damn fire drill. Oh, I just love High School.

I bet the kids at work love it when MR. Voc and the other teachers make them run out into the cold winter air for twenty minutes without coats because we're not allowed upon penalty of termination of employment to grab all the coats.

I am not kidding. We can't put them in coats even for a drill.

I do my own reviews too Voc, and previews and the likes. I have a Blog somewhere. I just haven't updated it in a long while. Plus I haven't had the money to purchase new games.

*secretly bugs both Voc's and Adaptus's houses for the evil empire of gaming that he works for*

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