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Hey I'm fueling your paycheck, MH.

Anger me and you shall go wanting!

Damn I can't wait until I feel better. I want a pint so bad. Oh sh*t an ice cold Kopparberg. *Foams at the mouth*

Rabies! Mad Adaptus..*Grabs the cane collaring thingy* Got us a crazy one 'ere! @Voc: Yeah I know, fortuantely the sense of impending doom by nuclear fire, or the bleak landscape of survival and rebuilding seems to spurn people to buy games to lose themselves in a fantasy world.

Bleh, Kopparberg.

Only savages put ice in cider.

Heaven hieghts

I rode through shin-deep puddles today! I am proud of myself!

Banged my knee pretty good, but its all good.

Well, US and European forces have launched tomahawk cruise missile attacks on Libya.

This was not a smart move at all. If Obama has retained any sense in his head, he won't escalate to a ground war, the US can't afford to fight three wars all based around the cause of 'interventionalism'. And it certainly won't win us any more friends over in that hellhole called the Middle East.

I am just so tired of it all. A very large part of me just keeps hoping there is something out there that will cause the immediate death of the entire planet in a fiery explosion.

Also keep in mind this is NOT an excuse to harp about Obama's politics and administration. If you want to do that, go to NS General.

To be honest, Voc, we're in a relatively bloodless age.

There are no large powers wading in to each other because another power might win the throne of another. Nor is part of the world poised on the cusp of war due to a series of alliances. Neither are groups of nations gathering against each other over the powers of the church.

Italy and France have so much more to lose. A lot of Europe similarly could lose face. Gaddfi was our darling for a while. Most of his planes and air defences are European in origin. Blair has his personal phone number. A ground war won't happen.

Well, I suspect I harbor infinitely more hate and rage at humanity and it's glaring self stupidity than you, Tag.

And while we may be a bloodless age in most respects, we're also soulless. No more do we have heroes dying to make the world a better place, just cheaper gas for an uncaring planet. Broken families, people who make horrible decisions and keep on making them with no care for anyone around them, including the very children they brought into a world of near poverty and no baths for days and have to get the only real meal they'll have at a school and never know who their father was even if he was someone worth knowing. Children who will only grow up to perpetuate the cycle on their children and never grow beyond their station in life. Children that look to complete strangers for the love and guidance that they do not receive. Children born out of a lack of rational thought and submittance to the base needs to reproduce without care and survive only because their parents suck off the government teet all of which could vanish at the drop of a hat and hang them out to die.

Hedonism, factionalism, sheer repulsion of the different, unique, misunderstood. Inability to accept them and think that extinguishing them from existence is the only way to satsify the desires of some malicious, egotistical old man sitting on a cloud. Where it doesn't matter if you do the right thing and do it well, but who you know and how much money you can stuff into their pocket. Or live life by 'what can you do for me in return'.

I have seen the future and it is not worth saving.

Heaven hieghts

I think every generation has said this at one point or another. Everything just seems darker because we're the ones digging the hole now, and it doesnt help that this is a particularly dark time. That's why the lot of us have to stop sitting around, pissing and moaning about the world and do something about it, especially us youth. Things will run their course, but that doesnt mean we can't alter things in the slightest degree, creating even the slightest change because we pushed on one small variable.

Voc, you've also seen the past.

What makes you think this age is vastly different than the ones we've had before?

Little changes. The time we live in is not much different from the past. There were no Golden Ages.

Ex Girlfriend: Hi, I heard you were ill are you ok.
Me: Yeah i'm pretty ill thought.
Ex: Oh, you couldn't pick me up from the airport could you?
Me: I've just told you i'm really ill.
Ex: Oh. Whats up?
Me: Not sure, I've been tested for some pretty heavy stuff like leukemia and things. They doubt I have it though, they say it;s just a formality.
Ex: You're a dick head. I hope you do have leukemia and you f*cking die.

Typical text conversation with my ex girlfriend.

Then why do you even let her have your number? Or have her unblocked?

It's like when people friend their enemies on Facebook and scream back and forth at each other. It makes no goddamned sense.

I do have her number blocked. However she always changes number and keeps mine. It's a vicious cycle.

It's improv comedy for someone, at least the facebook thing. Makes no sense to keep an angry ex on the texting though.

Epic lolz on Europa Forum.

Heaven hieghts

I had the most splendid dream last night, but its making me very sad now that I have a chance to think about it.

Type it up, post on yonder forum.

Also it's monday , I got maybe three hours of sleep, main teacher is out and every kid is here. And all the ones that were gone for spring break last week are back and acting like they've never been here before.

Hell is a four foot tall woman who messes with things that should be left well enough alone.

Dole office have put me down as an ideal candidate for IT Technician work and IT Support work.

Wow the dole done something right for once. Something i'm actually qualified in.

When I first went, some woman said i was best suited to working in a shop like Pirmark or something. Oh the depression after hearing that. Now they have actually worked something out for me and changed my application. Yay to the Job Center for listening for one.

They must not be very good up where you are, Adpt. I never had any trouble with the lot down my neck of the woods. They were always polite, helpful and acted I was a real person, not looking down on me as Dolescum.

And goodbye $750 dollars. I hardly knew thee.

Heaven hieghts

Isnt that always the case with money?

Tag up here they really are bad for that. Like going in to sign on is so bad. Terrible attitudes, and disgusting manners. The first time I went in to sign on, I wasn't sure what I was doing. So the guy had a huge like screaming rant at me, because I told him I wasn't sure what I was doing. Like properly screaming, "you're either here to sign on or not, if not get out, if you are give me your appointment card." then even before I could get my card out, he snatched basically from my pocket and said "you're signing one!" Then I asked if i should have my appointment card back, and he turned around and snapped "You'll get it back later!"

Now I know they deal with some serious scum in those places but seriously, what kind of way to act is that.

Not really. I rarely spend my money, this way to pay back my dad since I used his credit card for my trip to Mexico, mainly to get his discount.

That $750 is for six days, seven nights on the Caribbean and two plane tickets.

Helluva deal.

Heaven hieghts

Jeez! Thats crazy. I wish I had that much money for travels, even if that is a steal.

Tax returns are a beautiful thing.

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