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I just saw an exclusive preview of Deus Ex Human Revolution. They played the first mission. And sadly. It looks way to much like a glossy version of Fallout. Very disappointed. I hope it's just pre-release jitters, but it seemed to be really really stiff and a huge lack of fluid motion in the character. Look like what would happen is Fallout met Metal Gear, in a very bad way.

Heaven hieghts

Im too young though! I dont even have a job!

Whats up with all these damn snobby and/or narcissistic teenagers all of the sudden? Damn, just hard to deal with.





Heaven hieghts

I feel like Ive been vomited upon.

It does have that aroma to it.

Moved everything around in my room. Just to get it nice and clean. At the same time cleaned out the car and had the CD's from my car in my room. Now i've totally misplaced ALL of my Jimi Hendrix C.D's! I think I might vomit!

I only ever liked hendrix's version of all along the watchtowers.

I'm no real fan of Jimi Hendrix either.

And I similarly need to clean my room. Usually I can fend that off because the place isn't messy, just dirty.

Right now, on my desk, there are spent beer bottles, tea cups, empty glasses, books, newspaper articles, bank statements... it's a hell of a mess.

I'm fairly ocd about cleaning my place. Everything is in order, the only area slightly messy is the gaming den. I should clean it up, but every time I do I end up powering on the xbox and playing for a bit instead. It's insidious.

I wish there was a way to loathe a gay man without sounding like a queerbashing homophobe from hell. I have the worst classes today and the teacher is a pain in the ass, pun intended. He doesn't teach the things he's supposed to, and this is being a major hindrance. I don't want to go. I envy the students that got through his class already, even though they have to go to class to sit on their thumbs because of the lack of buses back to their places. I hate history, history sucks, I wish I was smart enough to pursue one of those jobby degrees with long names and buzzwords and teachers that dress like that dog that they added to Itchy and Scratchy, but I can't do basic math and logical thought frustrates me and infuriates me. I am going to throw a desk out of the balcony tonight.

I wish I took a better course at Uni. I might have gave me more motivation to stay after all the sh*t.

If I could choose again, I'd do something like IT programming, or Architecture. But if could really go back, I'd love to have done Medicine.

I have enough training hours built up with the local college that I can probably just stroll down there and cash them in for Bachelor's at this point.

Toying with buying either Dragon Age 2 or waiting till the 25th and getting Crysis 2. Crysis is really tempting. Seen a few reviews from 'Merica, and it seems amazing. Nice to see this time it's actually playable. The first just destroyed any PC it was installed on if they were the slightest bit lacking in performance. I know from experience. I bought the first Crysis, but still haven't played it. It actually made me cry (in a "i'll kill everyone at EA for making an unplayable game" sort of way).

Don't get Dragon Age 2. Or at least wait until they bundle the mountains of DLC that is most surely to come into one package.

It's a mediocre story, no real plot, no real bad guy, bland characters and there's only the city and two other actual zones. Everything else is just dungeons that you sometimes get to play through backwards (oh god how exciting!). Voice actors are bad, you don't get to create your own character, Hawke is just Shepard from Mass Effect inside a fantasy setting, and the dialogue wheel from Mass Effect is all you get to chose from and then it's that bull%^&* 'lol well picked this option but we're gonna have you say something else entirely lol'.

Combat is essentially ripped from Fable. All classes across all trees have some form of AoE attack, which is bad because that means you pretty much just spam those three abilities and you can win any fight. And by fight, I mean the massive slaughter where Bioware just drops hordes of weak enemies onto you with maybe a higher level NPC at the end of the second wave. It's literally just like fighting in Fable, you spam AoE attacks at the mass of enemies and you'll win every time.

Every large gap gives EA and excuse to shovel DLC poison down your throat. The first year you completely miss, and since it introduces merchant NPCs directly after the cinematic saying a years passed I'm dead certain we'll have it as the first DLC. It was a rushed game because EA felt the need to please it's stockholders and trying to stave off a stock panic because of the current economy.

This isn't Dragon Age. This is Dragon Effect. And a sign that Bioware is swiftly falling over the cliff into cookie cutter mode. The only thing the game does right is better graphics and 'hotrodded' art design (but to tell the truth I didn't really notice a different other than everything not beinga drab mmud brown or grey). At least they kept the loot system, but now you can only equip your party members with weapons and rings/amulets. Companions have their own character armor, which means even if you find awesome stuff you can't let them wear it.

Consider this my more aggressive review. I have a more passive one on Europa Forum. My stalwart advice is DO NOT BUY IT AT ALL. But if you have to, wait until they release the edition with the DLC bundled together. At least then you won't feel robbed of your money for a game that barely manages mediocre.

I've seen reviews. It does look way to much like Fable. I'm pretty much set on Crysis 2 in all fairness. Only problem is, my faith in shooter games is really low. Got a terrible feeling the re=play value of Crysis 2 will just die as people stop playing it and continue on with Black Ops (which I despise as a game, as well as the whole Call of Duty franchise at the moment).

Apart from Crysis 2 and Dead Space 2 (a game I've not been keen on) theres really not much out there at the minute in my opinion. I'm not buying Homefront, because it, in my opinion, looks way to much like a slower paced Call of Duty clone with a few extra features. Only other game i'd be interested in would be Shogun 2, although right now, I don't have a very game friendly computer.

Seems like all the really good games, like Duke Nukem: Forever, Battlefield 3, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Diable 3, and Metal gear: Rising, are all being constantly delayed, or put off. Major annoyance.

I don't why this month has to turn work into such a pain the goddamned ass. I hate march.

The in game united nations only has stupid sessions. It's either "commend so-and-so for roleplaying and wearing dresses" or people approving then repealing a law about space lasers and console cowboys and cyberpunk junk.

Heaven hieghts

Altman be praised!

Goddamn Uni!

*dismembers HH with a plasma cutter, curbstomps the rest of her limbs off and then flings the torso into space*

Heaven hieghts

Hey man,
I thought we were friends...

Isaac thought the chick that helped him get out of the hospital was his friend too, but we all know what she turned out to be and her eventual brutal death followed by HOLY CRAP IT'S A MONSTER OF FANGS AND ARMS AND CLAWS DEAR GOD IT WON'T DIE RUN RUN RUN OH SHI-

But needless to say, Dead Space 2 has far more in common with Aliens. Both were not that scary, just very intense. Next game I hope we get some damn answers because I refuse to purchase ancillary media to get the full story.

I am so tired, I woke up every hour on the hour last night. And today I am lost in regret for what might have been.

Oooh I may have just got myself an Apprenticeship. IT Technician, damn i'm excited!

Tips I give you:
-Don't mess around with anything that you don't absolutely have to
-Find a way to always look busy. Most of the job is just waiting and waiting.
-There is no such thing as a wireless cable so don't bother looking for one.
-If you don't have a live cd of a light linux distro, get one. They're your best friends.
-You might want to rehearse your explanations. Don't just do things, know why you're doing them.

Does depend on the job, mind.

Mine can be fairly relaxed, depending on what's going on. And, admittedly, the fact that my actual manager has gone on holiday for the week. But there was very much the feeling in my team that it was nearing the end of the day.

But you've got to put through a couple of websites a day and deal with a few calls, so there often isn't time to piss about.

Probably works better for IT.

I also didn't know you could do apprenticeships for IT. I dunno how I thought that IT people came in to being.

How does it work, anyway?

The whole apprenticeship thing. I hear it being mentioned and I kind of assume it's like the Medieval one, but with modern-day stuff.

And then I don't bother to look further, because I'm not interested in doing one.

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