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Man, if only they had the delete function when I was at uni.

I'd have been able to get rid of loads of drunk moments I had on the RMB.

I don't plan on deleting anything mostly due to pride and standing behind my statements.

After all, man up or shut up as the saying goes.

Meh, I often find that I've rambled or said something dumb or just plain not properly read something I'm reacting to. It'd be nice to edit out the more embarrassing moments, but usually someone's already answered my alcohol-fuelled rantings before I can deal with them.

I don't see a problem here. I least now I can keep up with all that's spewed here. Lovely graphs as well. Wouldn't want to reside in Tagmatium, with a 6% chance to die from "Acts of God". :)

Better than Orioni's 17% chance of dying of cancer?

It's probably better than the 8% chance of dying in the wilderness of my place...

Better than random our founder who suffers random owl attacks significant enought to register in a nation of incredibly high billions.

Bleedin' ell, Voc, only 9% of your population dies of old age.

Heart disease powers activate!

Also cancer!

Why do I always loose my National Insurance Card!


That's not so good, man. How many times have you done it?

I thought you only got a limited number of those issued to you?

I keep mine safely hidden away.

I keep mine safely hidden away. Just so well hidden I forget where I put it. I've never had a replacement, just always turns up when I don't need it.

More proof that everything important you should keep in one spot so you don't lose it. Better yet, make that spot a safe.

Can anybody explain what dying from "Lost in the wilderness" is supposed to mean?

You get lost in the wilderness and die from exposure. Or get eaten by a Grue.

Disappearances account for 50% of MH citizenry dying.

Heaven hieghts

Hmm, MH, I wonder who's responsible for that.

And what on earth is a Grue?

Probably my not so secret police or the agents of the genetic cleansing centers ridding the population of impurities.

Also Voc, The League is going to engage in probably one of the largest naval battles in Europa history, by way of NS II. It's going to be grand.

Well I hope it goes swimmingly for you.

I'm sticking to FT in II as I'm using the alternate history Europa in which the Greenhouse Cliff happened, the sea levels rose and I annexed pretty much all of northern Europa because my industrial base was mostly unscathed due to being inland and not along the coastlines. This of course led to PMT and then everyone gets pissed because I won't join a world government and give them access to my wealth and end up evacuating Europa Earth while holding back the invading armies as long as I can to stuff my colony ships full of people (regardless if they want to go or not) and then shoot out across the galaxy.

So yeah, Europa Prime history ended for Voc Prime on the regional forum.

Thats nifty. I'm still interested in your character rp once you and hue are done reposting.

We're checking on seeing if Naggeroth is still interested because if he is, he and Hue have to repost their characters meeting. If he's not not then feel free to jump in.

One of those days...

Ah the elusive National Insurance Card! I have you now!

National Insurance Card, I choose you! *music plays* So if and when Nagg responds to ya, send me a link for the bit Voc

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